Are you looking for the best Joomla social share extensions for your website? Well, you are at the right place. Promoting and marketing your Joomla website across social platforms is one of the best ways to drive visitors and boost your sales. Therefore, it is essential to add share buttons to your website. But which Joomla extension is best for your website? Well, I have curated a list of the best Joomla social share extensions that can help you to select the best one for your site. So, let’s dive right in!

Joomla social share extensions allow you to include social share buttons on your website. In order to maximize a website’s potential so that you can reach a large number of people with ease. It’s the age of social media. So, having a strong social presence surely encourages expanding your business. When you create a website with Joomla template creator looking for the best options to get started is your top priority. If you have chosen Joomla for your website, you are aware of the benefits of Joomla for creating a website.

This well-thought list of the best Joomla social share extensions will help you select the appropriate choice for your business. So, let’s start!

Best Joomla 4 Social Share Extensions

1. Social 2s


Social 2s is another ideal Joomla 4 social share extension available to help you bring traffic to your website. You can have social buttons on your website with Social 2s. The main focus of this extension is speed. Because sometimes, including social share buttons may slow your website. But it is not the case with the Social 2s Joomla extension. Certainly, it takes care of things like not to load JavaScript, if it’s not needed. Thus, the unnecessary loading of scripts can be easily bypassed with this extension. It comes in both free as well as a paid version.


  • You can have Twitter cards on your website.
  • Having a WhatsApp button will make it even easier for your users to get connected with you.
  • It is fully compatible with OpenGraph.
  • You can have an article and category view display.
  • You can quickly include social share buttons on your website.


  • Social 2s is a pretty easy-to-use Joomla extension.
  • You can have different styles such as dark, icon, and color.
  • It is an amazingly flexible Joomla extension.


  • The free version includes the basic features.

2. Fast Social Share

fast social share

Fast Social Share is an easy-to-use Joomla 4 extension that allows you to embed social share buttons without affecting your website performance at all. With Fast Social Share, you can have fully customized social share buttons that perfectly match your site style and goals. You can have social share buttons for all the most common social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Xing. And the best part is, these social share buttons will not slow down your site performance. Moreover, you will love the fact that it is capable of managing and automatically adding OpenGraph tags.


  • Fast Social Share Joomla extension allows you to customize the social share buttons according to your Joomla website needs.
  • It beautifully saves the like and shares count while you redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • You can have the social share button at whatever location you want.
  • It supports different working modes.
  • You can change the appearance of social share buttons according to your website requirements.


  • Fast Social Share is available for all Joomla versions starting from Joomla 2.5
  • You can embed social share buttons automatically without plugin placeholders.
  • You are free to exclude Joomla filters as per your choice.


  • It can not be used with lesser versions of Joomla 2.5

3. ochJSsocials LIGHT


ochJSsocials LIGHT is a multilingual Joomla 4.x social share extension available for free in Joomla Extension Directory (JED). It helps you drive traffic to your website and boost interactions on your Joomla website. You can easily have aesthetic social media buttons placed all over your website. Of course, social share buttons increase the chances of getting more visitors without much effort. The complete look and feel of ochJSsocials LIGHT Joomla extension can be effortlessly managed centrally. It is an amazingly fast Joomla extension. You can include it on your website without a hitch.


  • ochJSsocials LIGHT is available in multiple languages.
  • You can have social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email.
  • It beautifully integrates the open-source js-Socials script into your web pages.
  • It gives you complete control.
  • This Joomla extension is fully responsive in nature.


  • It is a free Joomla extension.
  • You are free to place social media buttons anywhere on your website wherever you want.
  • You will love the speed it offers.


  • ochJSsocials LIGHT doesn’t work with Joomla 3 lower versions.

4. TweetMe

tweet me

TweetMe Joomla social share extension that consists of a lot of exceptional features. This Joomla extension is more inclined towards Twitter users as even the name suggests. Nowadays, within minutes the trend on Twitter changes and so does the hashtags (#JoomlaSocialShareExtensions). Thus, this Joomla extension will serve you amazing when it comes to allowing your users to share your content, quote, or anything important on Twitter. It is freely accessible from the Joomla Extension Directory.


  • TweetMe Joomla 4 extension is wholly compatible with Joomla articles, K2, Cobalt, EasyBlog, Joomla Modules.
  • You can quickly place it anywhere you like with the help of simple shortcodes.
  • It gives more emphasis on Twitter users.
  • Adding call-to-action is pretty simple with the TweetMe Joomla extension.
  • Your website performance will not be altered at any cost.


  • With the TweetMe Joomla extension, you quickly create either the tweetable content boxes or the inline links as per your choice.
  • There are many predefined themes to choose from.
  • It is fully responsive, thus, it will fit perfectly and look great on every device.


  • It doesn’t work with lower Joomla 3.4 versions.

Bonus Best Joomla Social Share Extensions

5. BW Social Share

bw social share

BW Social Share is an extremely simple-to-use and easy to configure Joomla 4 extension with several powerful features. With BW Social Share you can efficiently have customized social share buttons. And the layout is completely responsive in nature. So, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your button on any device. They will look good on every device. In fact, setting up this Joomla extension is no big deal. It’s pretty simple to configure.


  • You will get stunning social buttons.
  • BW Social Share has a responsive layout.
  • Each social service is optional, so it’s all up to you.
  • All social share buttons are easily configurable.
  • You will not have to spend much time configuring this extension.


  • It is an extremely convenient-to-use Joomla 4 extension.
  • It comes with social web services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Print, Pinterest, XING, and WhatsApp.
  • BW Social Share works flawlessly with all Joomla 3.x versions.


  • It is yet fully tested for some platforms such as Tumblr, Pocket, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, vk, and Hackernews.

Double Bonus – 2 Paid Joomla Social Share Extensions.

6. AMPZ Social Sharing

AMPZ social sharing

AMPZ Social Sharing is a popular social share extension in Joomla 4 and 3. This Joomla extension will help increase your social sales and drive traffic to your website. You can have social share buttons anywhere on your website using this plugin/extension/module. It is freely available in the Joomla Extension Directory, which means you will not have to spend any money using the AMPZ Social Sharing plugin. However, it also has a paid version with more advanced features. You can use any one as per your needs. It lets you include social share buttons at multiple static positions such as Sidebar and Inline. Social share buttons are also available for Telegram as well as WhatsApp platforms.


  • AMPZ Social Sharing is compatible with all Joomla components.
  • It is a fully GDPR compliant Joomla extension.
  • With the help of simple intuitive tags, you can place the buttons anywhere on your Joomla website.
  • It has a special mobile mode that makes your website look perfect on every mobile device.
  • It is completely compatible with all Joomla components.


  • AMPZ Social Sharing includes a social sharing statistics dashboard for easy handling.
  • It is a fully responsive Joomla extension.
  • It offers you multilingual button labels.

7. Social Backlinks

social backlinks

With Social Backlinks Joomla extension you can provide all the social networks with your content in a more attractive way. With this Joomla extension social backlinks automatically post your Joomla, Hikashop, RedSHOP, K2, ZOO, VirtueMart selected content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. The need to create external social accounts and pages is no more required with Social Backlinks Joomla extension. All you have to do is integrate this extension and just get started without a hitch.


  • Social Backlinks allow you to add a LinkedIn profile and page.
  • There are several social network features to enjoy.
  • You can also include your Vkontakte profile with your Joomla website to attract visitors.
  • It is seamlessly compatible with the Joomla SEF extension.
  •  With Social backlinks, you can easily determine the sync delay.


  • Social backlinks is a well-coded and fast-loading Joomla extension.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that further makes it easy for you to work.
  • It permits you to sync all your Joomla content, categories, or articles.

8. AutoTweet NG

autotweet ng

AutoTweet NG is another popular choice for adding social share buttons to a Joomla website. It is coupled with several useful and powerful features to make your Joomla social journey less complicated. Social auto-posting is one such feature that can set you free from much unnecessary social jargon. AutoTweet NG basically auto posts your content to social networks. Now, that sounds really relaxing. Isn’t it? It beautifully works with social networks with minimum effort.


  • AutoTweet NG offers you a range of features to simplify social management for your Joomla website.
  • It has an intuitive control panel to smoothly manage things.
  • You will get a live update for a better understanding.
  • You can have image preview and validation.
  • It allows you to include social profile backlinks.


  • You can easily find this Joomla extension in the Joomla Extension Directory for free.
  • There are normal to deny, all modes available.
  • It works as a social composer.


  • Advanced Joomla users may find it a little basic in terms of functionality.

However, the Joomla content management system is the second most popular solution for website building. The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) is loaded with tons of extensions. There are several essential Joomla extensions to boost your site and Joomla extensions for website security that you should use. Likewise, publicizing your website with the help of social media platforms seems like another big challenge. And to deal with this challenge, there are various Joomla extensions such as AMPZ Social Sharing, Social 2s, Fast Social Share, and CoalaWeb Social Links. Incorporating these Joomla extensions into your Joomla website can give you desired results. You can use free Joomla templates to create Joomla website.
So, that’s all! The list of the best Joomla social share extensions ends here. But not the pool of opportunities. In fact, now is time to include any one of these Joomla social share extensions to your site. I hope you made your choice by now. So, let’s get to work now.

Happy Social Sharing!

Joomla Social Share Extensions – In Conclusion

So, now you have a list of the best Joomla social share extensions with you. However, if you visit the Joomla extension directory, you will see tons of free Joomla extensions out there. But of course, you can not pick any random extension and include it on your Joomla site. Right? And picking every solution and weighing it against your needs and goals is also not a viable solution either. Because for instance, if you are running a Joomla online store using VirtueMart, your requirements will be entirely different from a normal Joomla website. So, that’s exactly where this guide will help you find the best Joomla social share extension for your website.

Each extension/module/plugins discussed in this guide is a highly useful and feature-rich Joomla solution for your Joomla sites. You can use any of these extensions and embed social networks Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Email, Google+ without slowing down your Joomla website performance. That too without annoying your users. So, what are you waiting for? These handy social share extensions mentioned above will surely help you connect with more potential users across all major social platforms. I hope you find this guide helpful and informative. If so don’t forget to share your thoughts with me. And if you have any other secret social sharing weapon then, feel free to share that too by commenting below.