December 6, 2018, the most important day when the much-awaited WordPress 5.0 got released. It is named for jazz musician Bebo. Each time WordPress comes with something really interesting with its new versions. And this time it’s WordPress 5.0 block-based editor called as ‘Gutenberg.’

Needless to say that WordPress is free and open source Content Management System for creating website blogs and apps. WordPress has always been developers favorite because it’s simple to use and has compelling features. And the introduction of WordPress’s new editor Gutenberg has set the new roadmap to success.

Majorly the past releases of WordPress didn’t impact the usability to this extent because the updates were minor in comparison with the latest one. WordPress 5.0 is different. This release of WordPress has made the editor way easier to use and powerful to work with. The essential changes are the block-based editor Gutenberg and the default theme Twenty Nineteen. Here at TemplateToaster WordPress theme builder, let’s take a look at the wider aspect of the new release WordPress 5.0 features tutorial for beginners.

WordPress 5.0 : What are new Features and improvements

The New WordPress Theme – Twenty Nineteen

Those who are familiar with WordPress must know that every year a new theme is introduced by WordPress and this year surely is no different and we are served with a brand-new theme Twenty Nineteen and a magnificent editor update. The new stunning WordPress editor with the pure basic style and the full support for tons of plugins. This certainly has brought a big smile on every WordPress developer’s face as they can produce any type of website with it.

twenty nineteen theme wordpress 5

The New Block-Based Editor – Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a block-based editor that lets you create layouts and helps you add content to your blog or website with the help of blocks. It is loaded with the blocks such as a paragraph, heading, preformatted, quotes, image, gallery, cover, video, audio, columns, file, code, list, button and so on. There are more than 40 blocks present to add content. Gutenberg gives the new experience where each content element is wrapped up in a block. You can freely move the blocks to create beautiful layouts without writing even a single line of code. The creation of a website becomes simple with the introduction of this big beast.

gutenberg editor

Reusable Blocks

If you are setting up a website from scratch and investing your precious time in writing the code for it, then you might want to save the code for future use. Because it is possible that you might need the same code in the future for some other project. There you can save yourself plenty of time and effort by reusing the saved code. In it you get the opportunity to save the code. It is pretty simple. You just need to create a block and save them as a reusable block. Click on editing the particular block which you want to make reusable, click on the menu dots in the block toolbar and select Add to reusable blocks. Name it and save it. After that, you can find it in the Add Blocks Button and use it wherever you want to.

WordPress 5.0

Still like Classic Editor?

If you are still not convinced or don’t want to use the new editor or want to stick to the classic editor. Whatever the reason is WordPress Classic Editor plugin can save you at any time. Yes! By simply installing the classic editor plugin you can keep using the WP 4.9.8 and below, editor. It’s just an update, not an obligation to adhere to. So, go your preferred way.

In nutshell: WordPress 5.0

I hope this article could provide you with an insight into what’s new in WordPress 5.0. Gutenberg is certainly a great update from WordPress that we have had in a long while. The user’s feedback is still pending and that will be the real deciding factor for its success. Whereas, I believe WordPress can drastically transform the face of web development in the years to come. And the latest update WordPress 5.0.2 is showing positive indications in this direction. So, what’s your take on it? How do like working with the new editor? Here at Templatetoaster website builder software , Let me know your side in the comments below.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates! Check out WordPress website builder , WordPress themes and free WordPress themes.

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