AWeber vs Mailchimp is the biggest competitor you will come across while searching for the best marketing software. When you want to grow your business, marketing plays an important role. Especially marketing. In this differences guide, you will see which marketing tool among AWeber vs Mailchimp is best suitable for your business.

No other marketing category is as capable of driving engagement to your business as of marketing. And to have a successful marketing strategy, you are required to use the best marketing tool. It should be able to manage your campaigns, users, and content. Generally, marketing tool possesses similar features and that’s why it gets even difficult to choose between the available options.

In this guide, I will compare AWeber vs Mailchimp and we will see what makes one marketing tool better than the other.

What is AWeber?


AWeber is a web-based email marketing platform that comes bundled with some really powerful features such as customizable templates, reports, broadcasting messages, initiating campaigns, and more. It also provides you a mobile app to provide you the best possible experience even on your mobile device. It can also be used as a great customer relationship management, marketing, newsletter, and autoresponder tool.

What is Mailchimp?


Mailchimp is an all-in-one integrated marketing platform. It can help you get started for free with all the basic marketing features. The main function of Mailchimp is to send automated emails and newsletters to your users. It creates effective marketing campaigns that let you connect with your customers. And you can stay connected with and build an engaging and healthy relationship with your customers.

When to Use AWeber?

AWeber vs Mailchimp graph usage

AWeber comes with services that help you build strong relationships with users. You can use AWeber when

  • You want to send effortless automatic messages to your users.
  • When you want to broadcast coupons, newsletters, and other special offers among your users.
  • AWeber can be used to notify your readers about the newly added posts.
  • When you want an efficient web form tool to publish sign up forms.
  • It lets you include friendly services to set up email campaigns for better engagements.
  • If you are looking for a more simple marketing solution.

When to Use Mailchimp?

mailchimp vs Mailchimp graph usage

Mailchimp enables you to create and manage email lists, email campaigns, auto campaigns, newsletters, and more. It can be used when

  • You want a trusted software to build strong campaigns.
  • When you want a simplified dashboard to create and manage campaigns.
  • Mailchimp allows you to include sign up forms on your website and make it easier for users to connect with you.
  • You can enjoy a free Mailchimp plan that includes automation, A/B testing, custom templates, and landing pages.
  • When you want more scope for complex projects.
  • If you want a free solution and have less contacts on your list.

History of AWeber

  • AWeber is one of the popular marketing tools that enable 1,000,000+ small businesses as well as entrepreneurs to create and send emails effortlessly.
  • The privately held company was founded in 1998.
  • AWeber’s mission is to deliver powerfully-simple marketing software for small businesses.

History of Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp was earlier pronounced as MailChimp until 2018.
  • It is basically an American marketing automation company.
  • Mailchimp was founded by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong by the Rocket Science Group, an American company founded in 2001.
  • Mailchimp was initially a paid service but later in the year 2009, they started freemium plans as well.
  • They have successfully managed to establish their customer base by providing some impressive marketing features.

AWeber vs Mailchimp – How do they weigh against each other?

This AWeber vs Mailchimp comparison is not just another comparison you would find on the internet. In fact, this is one real comparison that I concluded after using both these digital marketing tools. I am sure this real comparison will give you a real perspective to choose between these two.

What I liked about AWeber is that it comes with a 30-day free trial. That means you can easily try AWeber software and see how it can help grow your business.

Whereas, on the other hand, Mailchimp comes with a freemium plan that helps you build a strong relationship with your customers. However, it also has some premium plans to choose from.

AWeber vs Mailchimp Comparison Table 2020

aweber vs mailchimp differences

Key Differences AWeber Mailchimp
Free Plan Yes Yes
Free Trial 30-day Free Trial Free for less contacts
Base Plan $19/month $9.99/month
Refund Policy Available Not Available
Phone Support Available Under the Premium Plan
Mobile App Available Available
Drag & Drop Editor Yes Yes
Migration Available Not Available

AWeber vs Mailchimp – Salient Features

Let’s now see how this AWeber vs Mailchimp comparison performs on the following terms. I have compared both the software for different features and here’s what I have concluded.

AWeber vs Mailchimp Templates

We all want aesthetic templates when it comes to creating  campaigns for your business. However, both the software gives us hands-on beautiful pre-made email templates. AWeber and Mailchimp both have a range of beautiful templates to choose from.

However, AWeber’s  template repository has more designs than that of Mailchimp. But we can not deny the fact that the templates present in the AWeber’s gallery are a little outmoded. But they can be still used to create campaigns.

AWeber vs Mailchimp email templates

On the other hand, Mailchimp provides you templates that are not only beautiful but also are made according to the latest trends and designs. You can pick any design and start your campaign. So, basically both AWeber and Mailchimp are quite satisfactory when I compared them for templates.

AWeber vs Mailchimp email templates

AWeber vs Mailchimp Reporting

Reporting is one such factor that facilitates you to have an in-depth analysis of how your strategies are working out. Reporting helps you know what is bringing you results and what is failing and what needs to be changed. AWeber and Mailchimp both have great tracking tools.

reporting and analytics

They both help you understand your customers well and plan accordingly. AWeber lets you track your sales with ease. You can use the analytics dashboard for a better understanding of things such as open rate and bounce rate with the help of a graph. It gives you a clear picture of where exactly the user has clicked and what is attracting them more.

Mailchimp vs Aweber

Mailchimp also has the same features to report you the users’ activities with the help of a graph. However, it also has one out-of-the-box feature that lets you analyze your campaign’s progress as compared to the other competitors. All and all AWeber and Mailchimp are persuasive tools to prepare for your workflow.

AWeber vs Mailchimp Integrations

No matter which marketing software you are using or you will select to use as your marketing tool it should allow third party integrations. If it is capable of providing you with many integrations then you will be able to expand your business to a great extent.

AWeber vs Mailchimp integrations

AWeber has an amazing list of integrations that can help you reach every area where you wish to expand. They have different categories to choose from. These are Content Management, eCommerce, CRM, Webinar, Video, Survey, Social, Membership, Landing Page, Lead Generation, Productive Tools, and much more.


Mailchimp also has various integration options to offer you. However, there are chances that you might not have heard of them or they can be a little less popular but they are quite useful in their areas. All the integrations are categorized into different categories. They are eCommerce, Marketing, Design, Contact Management, Analytics, Payments, Productivity, Social Media, and much more.

AWeber vs Mailchimp Email Deliverability

It gives a sense of satisfaction when you know that your emails are getting delivered to the right destination. Deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to users’ inboxes. This is what marketers use to measure the likelihood of their emails reaching the intended subscribers’ inboxes related to actual delivery.

AWeber vs Mailchimp email deliberately

If configured properly we noticed that AWeber ensures better deliverability along with the advantage to use autoresponders so that you will never miss anything important. It also monitors all the emails 24 by 7 to make sure of the delivery.

m email deliverability

Mailchimp works hard to maintain a great sending reputation. When you create and send a campaign, Mailchimp’s automated abuse-prevention system scans your campaign and analyzes addresses that could affect the delivery of your campaign.

AWeber vs Mailchimp Customer Support

This is really important now. I feel if a software you are using is not capable of proving you the required support, then it is of no use. But if you use AWeber or Mailchimp, you can relax. Because both the software has excellent customer support.

aweber customer support

When it comes to AWeber customer support, you will be pleased to see the kind of help they provide. You can reach them via emails and get a solution to your problem. Furthermore, they have a huge knowledge-base, you can attend webinars. You can see video guides for further help. However, you can reach them via phone as well.

mailchimp support

Whereas, Mailchimp offers you 24/7 support as well as live chat support. It also has a massive knowledge base to check and clear your doubts. However, if you still feel unsure you can reach the support team via phone also. But the phone support is available for premium users only. So, that might be a problem for the users who are using the freemium plan instead.

AWeber vs Mailchimp Pricing

When you choose software, one important aspect that can be your concern is pricing. Even when I look for any solution, pricing does affect my choices at times. So, I am sure you can relate when it comes to selecting a tool based on its price. Here I will show you how AWeber and Mailchimp weigh against each other when compared for the dollars you have to spend.

AWeber Pricing

As I said earlier, AWeber does not have any free plan to offer you. However, it has a 30-day free trial to take and evaluate all the features before you buy any premium plan.

AWeber has three billing cycles i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. All three billing cycles include five different plans that are based on the number of subscribers. Thus, you have the privilege to choose a plan that can fulfill your subscribers’ needs. Furthermore, in which you feel comfortable paying in.

aweber pricing

Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp, on the other hand, is a little easy to get marketing software. You can get started with the free plan if you have just started out. Even the free plan includes all the basic features that will help build a fully functional campaign.

However, you can choose between three premium plans i.e. Essentials, Standard, and Premium for $9.99/month, $14.99/month, and $299/month respectively. There are features such as predictive demographics, address finder, pre-built templates, etc. They all are available under premium plans.AWeber vs Mailchimp pricing

AWeber vs Mailchimp – Ease of Use


When it comes to ease of use I must say everything is very intuitive and designed to be operable even for the least tech-savvy users. AWeber is a simple software that offers you tools to ease the entire workflow.

However, there’s one thing that I found a little challenging (especially for beginners) that is the setup process can be an overwhelming experience. There are certain things that take time to get in the right place.

Whereas, if you are a professional user and you have the experience then it will be a breeze to work with AWeber.

Grab Aweber


Mailchimp, on the other hand, is a mesmerizing software. It has everything included that you would need to run and campaign. It is best in both ways, first if you don’t want to spend much time on your campaigns every month. As well as if you want to initiate completely personalized campaigns to attract your users.

From the very moment, you sign up, Mailchimp allows you to have an entirely personalized experience depending upon your marketing goals. It comes with a huge knowledge base to provide you enough information to get started quickly and effortlessly. And the tips functionality is also there to guide you through the process.

AWeber vs Mailchimp – Pros and Cons

AWeber Pros

  • This marketing tool is relatively easy to use.
  • AWeber also offer one of the best CRM software you will get to use.
  • AWeber has a great web analytics feature that will help in advanced marketing automation.
  • It offers a 30-day free trial to test the features.
  • They have satisfactory customer support.
  • AWeber comes with massive integration options.
  • There are plenty of pre-designed templates to start with.
  • The autoresponders help you manage bulk emails with ease.
  • It is a user-friendly solution.

AWeber Cons

  • It doesn’t have any free plan.
  • AWeber has a steep learning curve.
  • It may seem a little pricey to some.
  • With the increase of your user list, the price gets higher at a rapid speed.
  • It takes a little while to work your way around the navigation.

Mailchimp Pros

  • It has a free plan with amazing features.
  • Mailchimp has an easy to use interface.
  • It uses the anti-spam tool to ensure deliverability.
  • It has affordable premium plans.
  • Mailchimp supports a simple-to-use interface.
  • Mailchimp has great integration support with some powerful options such as Google Analytics, social media integration, etc.
  • It lets you import your own custom templates.
  • It gives you complete access to comparative metrics.

Mailchimp Cons

  • Setting up Mailchimp can be an overwhelming experience for some.
  • If you are using a premium plan, then the price will rise sharply with the increase in your contact list.
  • Beginners may find the interface a bit clunky.

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AWeber vs Mailchimp – To Sum Up

While AWeber and Mailchimp are two popular choices amongst many others available in the industry. But you need to dive a little deeper to check which tool is capable of serving you better. Make sure you choose software that not only serves your current needs. But also can help you expand in the future if required. For me, both AWeber and Mailchimp worked really well. And what’s between AWeber vs Mailchimp works better for you depends on your requirements. So, choose wisely and let me know which tool did you choose in the comments below.