Want to speed up the user experience for AMP ads? Tired of witnessing the continuous page bounce? Well! all the troubles have just vanished away! Read on…

The access to the internet through the mobile devices has increased a lot in the past few years. This has given rise to the responsive web designs which are far superior to the desktop websites, load quickly and specially designed for mobiles only. This means that it offers an improved user experience the people are looking for. So you can say that your website should be mobile friendly in order to catch the attention of the mobile users.

In the present time, a responsive web design can have a lot of impact on your sales and it accounts to more than 50% lead conversions. Now you will not want this to let go out of hand but will work to utilize the opportunity to the fullest. That is why all the more necessary to work on the different pages of your website especially the landing page to optimise it fully for the mobile devices and other gadgets.

Earlier it was AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) from Google which brought a big revolution in the way the Mobile Optimization is done and now it is the Google ALP. This is definitely a big step as people were eagerly waiting for it. AMP was introduced long back and since then there was no update but now Google has introduced ALP which is a one step ahead for optimized Landing Pages which can help to bring in more traffic as well as conversions.

If you too want to see your mobile traffic increasing, integrating the concept of ALP will prove beneficial. But before you start implementing the same, you must have complete information about what ALP is and how it can prove beneficial to you. So here Templatetoaster WordPress website builder, presents a small guide on ALP, one of the new SEO Updates that will provide all the information you are looking for. Let us get started.


What is ALP?

Google ALP, also known as AMP for Ads Landing Pages is a way to boost the loading time of any website. Earlier a website would take around 6.9 seconds to load but with ALP you can look forward to a faster experience of browsing the sites which will open in even less than a second. This means that the visitors will be able to enjoy a faster and smoother experience of navigation they were longing for. AMP HTML protocol is used to load the landing page very early thereby taking lesser time to load the page you wanted to view.

This is definitely a new approach which is sure to improve the user experience and give you more sales which are the prime concern of any business owner. Now once you are familiar with what ALP is, the next thing to ponder over is the aspects associated with it. So let us take a close look at how Google ALP would make the difference to your landing pages.

  • Zero redirects – The most important thing about ALP is the zero redirects which save a lot of time and help in faster loading. Actually, ALP ensures that there are no redirects t the server but to the requested landing page itself. As soon as the request is generated, the user directly moves to the concerned page using the amp-pixel component.
  • Prefetch landing pages – This is one of the mind-blowing features of ALP that loads the landing page much before it is requested by the user thus making use of the non-extensive resources.
  • Providing the Google cache URL– Special emphasis is given to the URL so that the same can be converted into the AMP version depending upon the request made by the user. This ensures that the ad server loads the mobile version of the website for the person thereby giving them a better experience. Many professionals are utilizing this aspect of ALP and ensuring that the user experience becomes better day by day through this amazing ALP.
  • Pre-connecting landing pages – Ads which employ ALP are aware of the URL to which it has to be redirected therefore it does not take much time and connects at the earliest. The same is not possible in the regular ads and so ALP is certainly the concept which will make a big difference in the coming years.


How to implement the ALP?

Now that you are familiar with what ALP is and how it is different, the next thing to implement the same to get the desired results. But how this is possible. Let us see how ALP can be implemented in just 2 simple steps.

  1. As a website owner, you just have to add a small code to the existing file and you are done. Just add
    <script async src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/alp.js"></script>
  2. There is no need to make any kind of changes to the existing URL because when you add this code ALP will convert the URL to mobile-based one on its own. The only thing you need to ensure is the cache AMP cache prefix for click destinations and there should be no intermediate redirects.


Growing popularity of AMP and ALP

In order to offer a better user experience to your customers the most important is to have the AMP version of the landing pages. Only then you will be able to integrate ALP and see the difference in the traffic as well as the sales.

There is no denial to the fact that mobile optimisation is a crucial part of the SEO Strategy and needs focus to get the most out of it. So implementing ALP is definitely your concern to get your sales up by leaps and bounds. The concept of Google ALP has picked up quite well with developers working on it so as to make the websites more user-friendly but still some of the business owners have kept themselves aloof. If you are one of the business owners and feel that mobile can make a difference to your sales then why not have ALP integrated into your current version of the website.

The market is expanding at a very rapid pace and in order to gain more leads, you will have to work on the modern ways of SEO Optimisation that will take your business to the next level. Even Google has become quite particular about the kind of experience its people has and that is why it is rolling out several updates related to AMP and Google ALP is surely a one step forward. The motive of introducing ALP was just to bring about a change in the browsing experience on the mobile devices and other gadgets. With ALP this has been possible to quite an extent and has brought a change in the lead conversions too.

It is high time that your focus is on ALP if you wish to maximise the traffic coming from the mobile devices. This can really help you a lot on fetching high sales with more and more people now becoming mobile savvy. So why not embrace this new technology which has emerged as one of the best for mobiles and highly useful in targeting the niche. Get familiar with this concept, understand it well and try implementing to enjoy the amazing benefits that AMP and Google ALP both can give to your business. You will certainly gain a lot in terms of sales and profits.

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