You must have come across various comparison articles related to Sendinblue vs SendGrid while searching for the best email service providers. In order to figure out the best possible solution for your business and put that last piece of a puzzle perfectly, you need to know them in detail.

Whilst you create a website to amplify your business, the very first thing you should try is to make an appealing and simple-to-use website for your users. And it certainly makes sense to use tools to simplify the entire workflow. Undeniably, emails are an essential aspect of business communication.

Therefore, keeping emails under control is really crucial. As you know, it takes an ample amount of time and effort to create a contact list of potential users for your business. So, choosing the best software to manage and utilize this list effectively is equally important.

I am sure after going through this thorough best email marketing software comparison i.e. Sendinblue vs SendGrid you will be able to choose the ideal solution as per your needs. So, without much ado, let’s begin this battle of the best.

What is Sendinblue?


Sendinblue is a popular name in the email and SMS marketing arena. It lets you send transactional emails with ease. It also tracks the emails to monitor the open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. Sendinblue provides you a simple dashboard to control settings and configurations for transactional emails.

In fact, Sendinblue is a great solution to send transactional SMS as well. You can easily jump on to the user’s messages inbox on their smartphones with the help of Sendinblue’s SMS marketing functionality.

With various useful features, Sendinblue has become one of the powerful and cherry-picked solutions for email marketing. Especially for small to medium-size businesses.

What is SendGrid?


SendGrid is a widely used alternative for email marketing. It is a cloud-based SMTP provider that enables you to send emails without having to maintain email servers. SendGrid takes care of all the technicalities involved. Everything from email optimization to real-time analytics, SendGrid manages all flawlessly.

SendGrid easily manages several types of emails such as shipping notifications, sign up confirmation, newsletters, etc. Along with email tracking option for email opens, bounce rate, unsubscribes, spam reports without having to use any sort of code.

When to use Sendinblue?

sendinblue use

  • Sendinblue can be used when you want to manage your transactional emails.
  • When you want to use drag & drop email builder.
  • When you wish to start the advanced reporting for email marketing campaigns.
  • Sendinblue can be used when you are just starting out.

Grab Sendinblue

When to use SendGrid?

sendgrid use

  • SendGrid can be used when you need to initiate specialized email marketing campaigns.
  • When you want to generate behavior-based emails.
  • If you want to experience unmatched deliverability as well as scalability.
  • When you want to have custom API integrations.

History of Sendinblue

  • Sendinblue was founded by Kapil Sharma and Armand Thiberge in 2012.
  • It is located in three different countries.
  • It is serving over 80,000 growing organizations around the world.
  • Sendinblue provides support in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

History of SendGrid

  • SendGrid was founded in 2009 by Isaac Saldana, Tim Jenkins, and Jose Lopez in 2009.
  • It was successfully incubated through the TechStars accelerator program.
  • It is located in fourteen countries and counting.
  • SendGrid is connected with over 80,000 customers through their inboxes.

Sendinblue vs SendGrid – Features and Overview

Sendinblue and SendGrid are two of the popular names that surely come to mind when we think of an optimized email marketing solution. However, both these providers are strong enough to provide you the best in the industry.

But as they say, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, in order to make an informed selection, you need to compare all the essential aspects of each other. And as you proceed with this guide, you will learn more about Sendinblue and SendGrid in detail.

Based on that you can decide which email marketing platform is right for your business and why. So let’s break the ice.

Sendinblue vs SendGrid – The Comparison Table 2020

sendinblue vs sendgrid comparison

Key Differences Sendinblue SendGrid
Free Plan Yes Yes
Ease of use Easy Simple
Customizable Signup Forms Unlimited Limited
Multi-Channel Marketing Automation Yes Emails Only
Transactional SMS Yes No
Chat Support Yes No
Landing Page Builder Available Not Available
Free Unlimited Contact Storage Yes No
SMS Marketing Available Not Available
Sales CRM Yes No
Retargeting Ads Yes No

Sendinblue vs Sendinblue: Which is Easy to Use?

Sending emails may sound simple, but there is a lot more to it than writing a few lines. It is really important to establish and maintain the entire pattern from background processing to bounce rate management and ensure security for your email.


sendinblue dashboard

Sendinblue is really simple to use which comes with a well-thought-out user interface. Users can enjoy the simple and minimalistic design with several useful features. Everything is clearly defined and included in the dashboard in a beautiful color combination i.e. Blue and White.

You can easily navigate through all the options with simple and straightforward options given at the left horizontal menu bar. The dashboard layout is really simple and convenient to use that accessing any option is as easy as pie.


sendgrid dashboard

The SendGrid dashboard is equally simple to use. Everything is so well-organized that performing any task gets even easier. Different sections include different values to show. Real-time analytics is displayed intuitively.

The entire dashboard has a clean and neat design that lets you build your campaigns or any other thing with ease. The best thing about the SendGrid is that it prioritizes all the basic matrices associated with email clicks, email open, email bounce, etc. It is really quick and simple to manage even for beginners.

Sendinblue vs Sendinblue: Which Offers Better Deliverability?


Any business relies on getting the email delivered at the right address and more precisely directly in the recipient’s inbox. The email delivery rate is a crucial factor that decides how successful your email campaign is. However, not guaranteeing email delivery is the thing of the past. Because Sendinblue ensures that your emails will be delivered, right in the inbox and ensure an increased open rate.

Sendinblue provides amazing deliverability metrics. It retains information from every email campaign you send. It notices and stores the optimal time for each contact and uses this data to optimize email delivery. The Send Time Optimization algorithm adjusts itself with new data. Hence, improve the email delivery rate.


SendGrid makes use of artificial intelligence for adapting changing TSP rules and a team of experts to ensure optimized inbox delivery. It uses ACE that means Adaptive Communication Engine that helps small and large businesses to increase their email delivery rate.

This email marketing software incorporates a set of protocols such as DKIM authentication, domain and link customization, etc. for enhanced deliverability. SendGrid sends over 60 billion emails every month and that talks a lot about the service.

Sendinblue vs Sendgrid: Which is Offer Better Scalability?


When you search for the best email marketing software you might want a robust solution with affordable and flexible plans. And Sendinblue has something really interesting to offer in terms of scalability. As it doesn’t limit you over the contact list. You can have as many contacts as you want.

In fact, the best thing about Sendinblue is that it lets you reach your users through multiple channels like email and SMS as well. And that’s where you can see how scalable Sendinblue is.


SendGrid, on the other hand, offers two pro plans. However, you can customize these plans as per your needs. But it is to note here that the plan customization also has some limits. That means you can extend the plans to some extent only.

Chances are, the kind of flexibility you are looking for, is not available with SendGrid. As the plans have their own limitations. That may cause you to pay a bigger amount for only a single contact or email, whatever you choose.

For instance, if you have chosen the Basic Plan for $15/month that permits you to send 15,000 emails/month to 6,000 contacts only. Now if you want to send anything more than 15,000 emails/month or you may want to send them to 6,500 instead of 6,000 contacts, then you will have to pay $25/month.

However, it is scalable but can be a little heavy on your pocket as compared to Sendinblue.

Sendinblue vs Sendgrid: Which Offer More Email Templates?

Sendinblue Email Templates

Creating professional-looking email templates is just a matter of a few clicks with Sendinblue. You can access the pre-designed email templates to ease the entire process. There are numerous professional and stunning email templates available in the Sendinblue repository.

sendinblue email templates

Transactional emails, business emails, or anything you want to create, Sendinblue serves you. The templates will be completely responsive and you can choose to start from scratch or create with the help of intuitive drag & drop builder. Crafting anything that suits your brand and attracts the audience is super easy with Sendinblue.

SendGrid Email Templates

You can easily get started with SendGrid with its beautiful range of email templates and custom newsletter templates. No matter if you prefer visual drag & drop editing or crafting with code, creating engaging emails with SendGrid is really simple.

sendgrid email templates

You can explore the email template gallery and select the one matching your brand and business. Any email template you choose is easily customizable either using a design editor or using code however you like. Starting with a responsive email template with SendGrid is a breeze.

Sendinblue vs Sendgrid: Which Offers Better Integration?


Taking integrations into consideration, Sendinblue may lack in this space a little when compared to Sendgrid. Sendinblue API gives developers a chance to do just about anything. The enhanced API system on the website allows you to increase the reach. Various eCommerce plugins such as PrestaShop, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, Zapier, Magento are also available.

sendinblue integration


On the other hand, SendGrid offers many powerful API integrations in order to enhance the process. SendGrid provides support for multiple frameworks like Java, PHP, Go, Python, Ruby, Node.js, C#. It also permits you to secure your email with two-factor authentication, API key permissions, IP management, and more.

sendgrid integration

Which Offer Best Pricing Plans?


Pricing is another important element to consider. As we know there are various types of providers and all have different pricing plans which are cost-effective for small quantities, where others are more cost-effective for large quantities. The pricing structure of Sendinblue has four premium plans and one free plan. All include a varied set of features.

sendinblue pricing

In the free plan, you are allowed to send 300 emails/day to unlimited contacts. All you have to do is sign up for the plan and start sending emails.

Lite Plan – $25/month. It includes 40,000 emails/month without any daily sending limit. This plan is possibly best for new marketers.

Essential Plan – $39/month. It includes 60,000 emails/month without any restriction over daily email send limit. It may be best for any growing business.

Premium Plan – $66/month. This plan comprises 120,000 emails/month and it also doesn’t bound you with any daily email sending limit. Any marketing pro can be benefitted from this plan.

Enterprise Plan – You need to quote your requirements to get the exact price for this plan. Marketers who have more advanced needs can go for this plan.


The SendGrid plans are little different from the Sendinblue plans; it offers two premium plans and one free plan. Interestingly, the premium plans vary with the number of contacts and the number of emails you choose to send in a plan.

sendgrid pricing

The free plan allows you to send 6,000 emails/month to up to 2,000 contacts only. The other two pro plans have distinct functionality to offer you.

Basic 5k Plan – $15/month. This plan covers 7,000 contacts only. However, you can anytime increase the number of contacts or the number of emails you want to send every month. The price will change accordingly.

Advanced 10K Plan – $60/month. Even in this plan 45,000 emails/month to 15,000 contacts only. However, if you wish to increase the number of contacts or emails or both, you can easily do that as well.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms to have a quick view.

Advantages of Sendinblue

  • Easy to use, reliable, and fast solution.
  • Excellent customer support for a quick catch up.
  • It offers you SMS campaigns.
  • You can send transactional SMSs.
  • It offers a free plan as well.
  • Affordable plans with useful features.
  • Pre-designed templates are highly responsive.

Disadvantages of Sendinblue

  • It has a limited number of pre-designed email templates.
  • The number of integrations is also quite limited.

Advantages of SendGrid

  • It offers you a powerful API for sending mass customized emails.
  • A free plan is also available.
  • You can customize the template using code or using drag & drop builder.
  • Easy to use SMTP service.

Disadvantages of SendGrid

  • Customer support is a little complicated.
  • No multi-channel email marketing automation is available.
  • Only for the past 30 days email activity can be seen.
  • A limited number of email templates.

The Key Differences of Sendinblue vs SendGrid

In the realm of email marketing both Sendinblue and SendGrid have their own set of features to offer. But then what exactly is the key difference between Sendinblue vs SendGrid that makes Sendinblue a better SendGrid alternative?
The key difference that makes Sendinblue an out-an-out solution is its multi-channel marketing. And many other out-of-the-box features that can help you scale your business to another level. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • You can store unlimited contacts at no extra cost.
  • It offers you unlimited customizable signup forms.
  • A robust landing page builder.
  • Multi-channel marketing automation.
  • You can send transactional SMS.
  • You can keep an eye on lead scoring.
  • Easy SMS marketing automation.

Sendinblue vs SendGrid – Which Email Marketing Tool You Should Use?

As I said earlier there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, you will have to go through them in detail before you decide which email marketing software is best for you. However, this guide shows a clear differentiation between Sendinblue vs SendGrid. And this certainly, is a great source to choose the best option from these two. And everything depends on your needs and how much you want to spend on the transactional email service.

You can even toss between two other interesting competitors such as Sendinblue vs Mailchimp.

 In Conclusion

Generally, I would say Sendinblue is the best option for those who want to start with a cost-effective email marketing service. However, Sendgrid, on the other hand, is another powerful solution. But choosing the one again depends on the requirements. I am sure this guide must have helped you to make your decision. You may also check WordPress email marketing plugins for integration with WordPress.

So, last but not least, here at TemplateToaster website maker, I would love to hear about your experience with your chosen email marketing solution. No matter what you choose, feel free to share your experience with me in the comments below.


Q. For how long can I use the Sendinblue free plan?

You can use the Sendinblue free plan for as long as you want.

Q. How many languages do Sendinblue support?

Sendinblue supports multiple languages i.e. English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese.

Q. Does Sendgrid support mobile devices?

Yes, SendGrid provides complete support for mobile devices.

Q. Does SendGrid offer an API?

Yes, SendGrid supports Web APP as well as Email API.

Q. What kind of support does Sendinblue offer?

Sendinblue offers Email support, Phone support, Dedicated account manager, Knowledgebase, FAQs.


Discover Sendinblue vs Sendgrid key differences

sendinblue vs Sendgrid differences

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