Are you searching for the best Joomla portfolio extensions to build an impressive gallery of portfolios? Well, this guide can be your go-to help for choosing the best Joomla portfolio extensions for your Joomla website. I have compiled a list of the best Joomla portfolio extensions that can give you an outstanding portfolio in minutes. So, without wasting any more time, let’s directly jump onto the list and see which Joomla extension is best suitable for your business needs. Let’s dive in!

When you create a website with Joomla template creator or when you are about to add the portfolio functionality to your already created Joomla site, you would need Joomla extensions that can give you stunning results without much effort. Generally, photographers, models, designers, and other creative field artists are more inclined towards creating a portfolio website. There are an array of free Joomla templates and Joomla photo gallery extensions that can be helpful in your portfolio website.

Undoubtedly, a portfolio is an incredible way to display your work. Therefore, it is crucial to create a unique portfolio website. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to select the one best solution from the given pool of Joomla plugins for your particular profile. That is why I have hand-picked some of the best Joomla portfolio extensions from there. Furthermore, I have thoroughly checked them and figured out the key features, pros, and cons of each of them. I am certain after going through the list of these Joomla portfolio extensions, choosing the perfect solution for your Joomla website will be easier for you.Before deciding upon any Joomla extension make sure you know what are the essential Joomla extensions to boost up your site. So that you do not bloat your Joomla site with unnecessary extensions. So, let’s check out the Joomla portfolio extensions now.

Best Joomla Portfolio Extensions

1. TZ Portfolio

TZ Portfolio

TZ Portfolio is a powerful Joomla 4 extension that will provide you everything you need for a portfolio. This is an open-source portfolio Joomla extension. For all your portfolio projects, you can easily use this portfolio plugin. Like you install Joomla, the steps to install a Joomla extension are quite the same and simple too. Extending your website’s functionality gives you the freedom to make it as large and useful as you want it to be. TZ Portfolio is an extensive Joomla extension.


  • TZ Portfolio comes with a stable core system.
  • You can smoothly extend your website and make it a full-fledged portfolio website.
  • It has a huge templates library that includes free downloadable layout templates.
  • It provides you the ability to add custom fields.
  • The entire design will be fully responsive. So you need not worry about how it will appear on varied screens.


  • Support Joomla 4
  • It is multilingual compatible.
  • It includes categories and sub-categories for easy category filtering.
  • TZ Portfolio is a fully SEO-friendly Joomla extension.


  • You need to have Joomla version 3 or above.

2. RPC – Responsive Portfolio

RPC-Responsive Portfolio

RPC – Responsive Portfolio is another super easy Joomla portfolio extension that you can use for your project. This Joomla extension is equally popular and a useful solution present out there. It allows you to set any number of main filters related tags for your convenience. It includes many pleasing effects, sorting, grid-view, list-view, multi-filtering, and much extra information regarding every item. When all these features are club together they bring out the best possibilities to add to your Joomla site. And it will work seamlessly on every device such as tablets, desktops, and all smartphones using Android, iOS.


  • RPC – Responsive Portfolio as the name suggests works flawlessly on all types of devices.
  • It is fully compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome (Webkit), Firefox (Mozilla), and IE. Moreover, it is successfully tested with their latest versions as well.
  • You can have unlimited main filters for your Joomla website.
  • You are free to set responsive options along with the metadata.
  • It allows you to have unlimited portfolios and relevant elements without a hitch.


  • RPC can be quickly sorted on load.
  • You can have your portfolio displayed in one of many ways such as grid-view and list-view.
  • While you hover on any item, it uses fabulous overlay animations.


  • Using too many main filters can hamper the clarity of your Joomla site.

3. My Projects

My Projects

My Projects is a simple component that allows you to show your work effectively on a website. Having a portfolio website means, you will have to upload several different images on your website too. Of course, I am talking about the relevant images to your portfolio only. For instance, if you are a photographer and you already put in much effort to beautify your clicked photographs with the help of some photo editing software or something. Then you would want them to include those photographs in your portfolio to attract potential buyers or customers. Now, if you will create your photography website, it might take a lot of time. Thus, adding a portfolio extension to your already existing Joomla site will be a great solution. And this Joomla portfolio extension – My Projects provides you the ways to make your portfolio website with ease. So, do try it.


  • My Projects is an SEO-friendly Joomla extension.
  • It offers you thumbnail image support.
  • You may use the jQuery popup for projecting images in a more attractive way.
  • It is an open-source Joomla portfolio extension.
  • It is a simple component that enables you to display your valuable work on a website.


  • My Project is quite a simple-to-use Joomla extension.
  • It has no learning curve.
  • You can use this Joomla extension without any prior technical knowledge.


  • They have only a support ticket system when it comes to customer support.

Bonus Joomla Portfolio Extensions

4. Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore

Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore

Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore is another interesting Joomla extension that gives you beautiful options to build a superb portfolio. You are already working on a Joomla website and now you wish to add the portfolio functionality to your site. Well, the Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore offers you several useful features for that. In fact, it is an amazingly flexible Joomla portfolio extension that has a lot of operational attributes to fulfill your portfolio website needs. Furthermore, all the project layouts are designed in a fully professional way with elegant design styles. And you are free to create as many projects as you want.


  • With Advanced Portfolio you can have multiple options to manage your projects across infinite categories and sub-categories.
  • You can limit the number of projects per page.
  • You can easily add an image gallery, thumbnails, and videos to your projects.
  • It lets you use as many tags for your project as you want.
  • Advanced Portfolio provides you support for pagination in order to save you from the need to load all projects at once.


  • It is a highly flexible Joomla portfolio extension that can fit your business needs.
  • It has many project layouts to offer you.
  • The Advanced Portfolio’s code is written based on Joomla MVC standards.


  • Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore has not been updated for the last two years.

5. Awesome Portfolio

Awesome Portfolio

Awesome Portfolio is an awesome portfolio extension that exhibits chosen articles as portfolios with the help of different filters. Particularly, news websites, shopping websites, organization websites, and all other websites that work with portfolios can easily use this plugin. In fact, websites that deal with filterable items can also use this Joomla portfolio extension for beautiful outcomes. All you have to do is set the different filters and items and display portfolios accordingly. However, there is a feature that allows you to set the options to filter articles depending on their tags, authors, and categories. You can use it to display relevant information on your Joomla site.


  • Awesome Portfolio permits you to use filters and items as a deciding factor to display articles on your Joomla site.
  • It makes use of the AJAX method to load more articles.
  • You can anytime limit the number of articles you wish to display on your site.
  • The length of the intro text in the articles is easy to manage.
  • There are beautiful styles available to use to drive more traffic to your website.


  • It is an open-source Joomla extension.
  • It facilitates you to easily improve Joomla website performance by providing you many useful features.
  • All the settings are fully customizable.


  • Awesome Portfolio has not been maintained for the last two years.

So, the list of the best Joomla portfolio extensions ends here. It is just to remind you that all of these options are free to use and you can find them in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). The best thing about the above-mentioned Joomla Extensions is that you can easily go through their key features, pros, and cons. This will help you make your decision. You know there are multiple benefits of Joomla for creating a website and having the ability to use Joomla extensions is one of them.

Happy Portfolio!

Best Joomla Portfolio Extensions – In Conclusion

So, there you have it! The list of the best Joomla portfolio extensions for your business. We know there is a wide assortment of other Joomla extensions to add any extra functionality you need to your website. Such as Joomla extensions for website security, Joomla slideshow modules, and more. They all are there to help you make your Joomla website more functional and useful. However, it is a good practice to check the reviews, pros, and cons to make sure it is a high-quality and well-functioning Joomla extension.

However, it is also significant to keep your Joomla extensions up-to-date so that it does not weigh down your Joomla site in any possible way. And if you find any of your Joomla extensions unuseful or they are not being used, delete them right away. However, all the above-mentioned Joomla portfolio extensions have their own set of powerful features and functionalities. They are compatible with Joomla version 3 and above. Quickly check the Joomla version of your website and then pick-up an extension that’s compatible with your requirements. And if there is any other Joomla extension you are using, feel free to share it with me in the comments below.