What’s the secret ingredient for a successful business? Services, products, appearance? Or a Logo? A logo is the heart of your business. No doubt other related factors are also important but it is an undeniable fact that logo designing is the first impression of your company. A great logo is a beautiful amalgamation of letters, shapes, and colors. And to concieve a powerful logo you definitely need a logo designing software. This tutorial for beginners include the list of best logo designing software.

A logo design software helps you design a simple and striking logo effortlessly. You can hire a professional freelancer or a company to create a logo for your business. But, sometimes outsourcing your logo design can be a bit heavy on your pocket. Instead, you can do it yourself with the help of an affordable logo design program.

Here, at TemplateToaster best web design software blog we try to provide you with the best feasible solution to solve your purpose. In fact, I have curated a list including the Essential logo designing software for beginners and professionals. And all of these Logo design software are simple to use and gives you a complete professional logo and you must try.

Logo designing software list

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. CorelDraw
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Gimp
  5. Inkspace

Logo designing software compared (2019)

Logo Designing Software Easy to use Customization Price
Adobe Illustrator Yes Average US$ 239.88/yr
CorelDraw Yes Hard US$ 16.50 Per Month or US$499 One Time
Adobe Photoshop Medium Average US$ 239.88/yr
Gimp Easy to use Normal Free
Inkspace Simple Medium Free

Essential Logo Designing Software for beginners (Review)

1. Adobe Illustrator – Logo designing software

logo designing software

Adobe Illustrator is an integral part of Adobe Creative Suite having plenty of features that lets you create brilliant logos in no time. You can create logos, drawings, and icons with available powerful features. Adobe Illustrator is used for vector design applications. Thus, by far the best vector graphic editor. Moreover, the vector drawing editor gives you perfectly scaled logos. With this logo designing program, it is quite easy to manage every aspect of the logo and to improve the design.

In addition, the full control feature gives you the freedom to wear your creative cap and design a logo of your choice. With Adobe Illustrator you can create almost any piece of art. The basic plan starts at $9 per month. And features like Puppet Wrap that makes the modification of logo quick and the SVG OpenType fonts which let you include a beautiful range of colors, justify the price completely. However, some professional might choose Inkscape over Illustrator because they both have a huge range of professional attributes to serve your purpose. But I would suggest you compare Inkscape vs Illustrator and decide yourself which one works better for you.

2. CorelDraw

logo design software

CorelDRAW has come a long way in the field of logo design. No matter, if you are a beginner or a professional logo designer CorelDRAW would make your logo designing process a breeze. Moreover, tools like Corel capture and corel photo-shop enhances your logo designing experience. Since, logos built with CorelDRAW are highly professional and superior in quality. So, make CorelDRAW one of the best logo design tools in the market. It offers unmatchable color accuracy and flexibility to deliver a stunning logo. You will get the full version in just $ 602.

3. Adobe Photoshop – best logo design software

best logo design software

Adobe Photoshop is another magnificent tool from Adobe family, known as the master of image editing. This tool is built for professional designers to create gorgeous illustrations, 3d paintings, icons, and logos. Various exemplary features such as artistic filters, color levels, texture and many more make Photoshop the most desirable graphic design software. But, it requires you to have some photoshop skills to create effective logos. It works perfectly for novice users as well. And the user-friendly features make designing graphics as easy as pie.

4. Gimp

logo designing software

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a free Logo design software and open-source image editor. It is coupled with features that has an intuitive interface which in turn allows you to create beautiful designs. However, GIMP is not only for the experienced users in fact even amateurs can also use it to bring out some amazing artwork. You are free to use it for platforms like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. And there are many third-party plugins available that lets you design a logo with ease. It may also interest you to read about the contrast between GIMP vs Photoshop.

5. Inkscape

Free logo design software

Inkscape is a free and open-source robust vector design tool. It is an ideal choice for illustrations and designing any other form of graphics. The web design library helps you produce stunning illustrations, logos, and other web graphics. Inkscape supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format like many others. Whereas, you’re free to import and export other file formats as well. Inkscape is fully compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. And this certainly makes Inkscape the integral part of any amateur graphic designer’s toolkit.

Which logo design tool you use?

While choosing a logo designing program, you should consider all factors such as affordability, level of difficulty, & ease of use. Likewise, a logo designing software should be unchallenging. And certainly, the above-discussed tools are best in their respective zones with supreme results. On the other hand, how about a web design software that allows you to use your custom logo while creating your website would be no less than a cherry on the cake. Right? Yes, while creating your website with TemplateToaster you can use your own custom logo along with its own multitude of features. So, give it a try and see yourself.

All right, if you’re already using any logo design tool and  Website Builder other than TemplateToaster, then do let me know about the level of contentment you had. Leave a note in the comments below.