Are you looking for the best restaurant menu plugins for your WordPress website? Restaurant websites have quite a different set up than other business websites. You need to include a variety of information on your restaurant website so that visitors are fully informed about the offerings you make. So, in this guide, I have included several useful restaurant menu plugins for your WordPress website. You can go through the list and select the option which you find relevant to your business. So, let’s dive in!

WordPress includes everything you need to create a website. Not only it offers you a plethora of WordPress plugins to use but also a pool of  free WordPress themes to choose from, keep in mind a few things while choosing the WordPress theme for your site. Are you thinking what WordPress theme is it? or want to create a WordPress child theme? Or simply want to start with WordPress theme development using Bootstrap. Well, you can build any website from simple to complex and for whatever business you want. No matter if you are a beginner or a web professional, WordPress has a lot to offer you. Creating an online presence involves certain things. Especially, if you are about to create something valuable for your users or you wish to drive more traffic to your website, so you must make sure to choose the best options to build your website. 

What’s more?

All the restaurant owners will agree with me that providing complete menu information on your website is really important. That’s how you can engage people on your WordPress website. Keeping today’s scenario in mind, people have now become more technology-dependent. Placing online orders, menu management, restaurant’s daily order placements, etc. Everything is taking place with the help of technology only. But one must know which plugins are best for their website. Therefore, the below-mentioned list of best restaurant menu plugins will help you add more functionality to your WordPress website. So, let’s begin and get familiar with how to build with WordPress.  Also you can choose WordPress Theme Builder and come up with a site in just few clicks.

List of Best Restaurant Menu Plugins for Your WordPress Website

  1. Restaurant Menu
  2. Five Star Restaurant Menu
  3. Restaurant Menu by MotoPress
  4. WP Cafe
  5. Quick Restaurant Menu
  6. Best Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu Plugins for Your WordPress (Review)

1. Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu plugins

Restaurant Menu is an amazing restaurant management plugin. It is freely available in the WordPress repository. Restaurant Menu comes with a really simple and friendly user interface. With the help of which you can create a restaurant menu, manage online food ordering, an online booking system, and many more things. Once you use this plugin, you will love it for its features and functionality. However, it isn’t difficult to use this Restaurant Menu WordPress plugin. You will not have to learn anything in addition.


  • Restaurant Menu WordPress plugin comes with a visual, drag & drop online menu editor.
  • It lets you upload your own images too.
  • There is a great collection of food images to choose from.
  • It lets you customize food menu items.
  • The Restaurant Menu plugin has a responsive design.
  • If you wish to promote your restaurant, you can make use of several options available with this plugin.


  • No matter which cuisine you are serving, you can easily include any type of simple or complex menu on your website.
  • It provides support for promotions.
  • For all your returning customers, you can have a data auto-fill option.
  • It provides multi-location support as well.


  • It provides you three blocks only.

2. Five Star Restaurant Menu

 Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugin Five Star Restaurant Menu is one of the top-rated restaurant menu plugins for your WordPress website. You can easily create a simple yet very stylish restaurant menu for your WordPress website. You will get an easy-to-use menu builder and a competent layout loaded with features. No matter if you work with the classic WordPress editor or Gutenberg WordPress editor, the Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin offers you amazing options to work with.


  • Five Star Restaurant Menu offers you unlimited restaurant menus as well as menu items.
  • Admin can define food ordering hours for easy management.
  • With the help of a side screen cart, you can define the hours to receive orders.
  • It has a responsive menu layout.
  • You can include a menu on any page you like.
  • For each food menu item, you can have a unique relevant image.


  • It is a free and open-source WordPress plugin.
  • You can have a sidebar to display restaurant menu sections.
  • It is an amazingly user-friendly WordPress plugin.
  • You can quickly find a customizable restaurant menu.


  • Many advanced features come with a premium version only.

3. Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

Restaurant Menu plugin for WordPress

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress is a full-fledged WordPress restaurant menu management plugin with incredible features. This plugin can be easily integrated with your restaurant website. You will love the features it has. The entire food-ordering system on your website can be effortlessly managed with the help of this WordPress plugin – Restaurant Menu by MotoPress. It lets you manage a categorized database for your restaurant or cafe website without a hitch. So, all-in-all it is really helpful and a straightforward plugin.


  • It’s an ideal solution for the Pizza ordering system, fast food ordering, etc.
  • If you are running a multipurpose restaurant, then nothing can beat Restaurant Menu by MotoPress in functionality.
  • Even if you are dealing with typical food and drink services, you can use this plugin for your WordPress website.
  • It comes with built-in eCommerce capabilities.
  • You can easily add menus to wherever you want on your websites such as any post, page, or sidebar.
  • There are extensions that further extend functionality.


  • It has a completely responsive design.
  • There are options to present your menu items beautifully.
  • You will get a simplified and detailed view of items.
  • The grid and list layout option is also there.


  • You would need additional extensions to turn your plugin into a complete food ordering software.

4. WP Cafe

Food Menu WooCommerce Food Ordering Restaurant Reservation

WP Cafe is a brilliant solution to help you manage the restaurant menu, online food ordering, restaurant reservation, and a lot more with ease. Like if you have ever used TemplateToaster website builder software, then you would know how easy it is to get started with your website. Similarly, WP Cafe provides you features to power your restaurant website with stunning options. That too without any additional effort and time. WP Cafe beautifully supports both WordPress shortcodes as well as Elementor builder.


  • WP Cafe comes with restaurant reservations as well as restaurant menu features.
  • You can comfortably manage online food orders, delivery, takeaways, and more without any difficulty.
  • You will get stylish food menu lists.
  • WP Cafe offers you multi-style food menus on a page.
  • Location-based food menus can also be included.
  • Enjoy the options to customize the mini-cart item feature.


  • Seamless restaurant ordering system.
  • You can have customizable email notifications for your customers.
  • There are options to make reservations right from the front-end itself.
  • WP Cafe is fully compatible with WooCommerce.


  • Several advanced restaurant menu features are limited to the pro version only.

5. Quick Restaurant Menu

Quick Restaurant Menu

Quick Restaurant Menu lets you create and manage a restaurant menu without any difficulty. Whether you are running a cafe, restaurant, bar, or any other eatery, you can use this plugin and make your website a success. You can include images and descriptions related to the items you are offering. However, it has not been tested for the last three major releases of WordPress but it still requires a mention in this list.


  • With Quick Restaurant Menu, you can have different menus for every day of the week.
  • You can include unlimited menus and items.
  • Including a header and a footer with each menu is also possible.
  • For a comfortable mobile view, it offers you responsive menu layouts.
  • It allows you to include custom CSS as well.
  • The flexibility to include a variable menu depending on the hour of the day or the day of the week however you like.


  • Amazing drag & drop interface.
  • You can have images with subtle shadow effects.
  • You are free to select color and font family as per your requirements.
  • There are multiple options to customize your menu.


  • This plugin has not been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress.

Bonus WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

6. Best Restaurant Menu

Best Restaurant Menu by PriceListo

Best Restaurant Menu is powered by PriceListo. It really doesn’t matter if you are running a restaurant, salon, or gym, you can have your menu ready using this comprehensive Best Restaurant Menu WordPress plugin. There is no additional training or knowledge required to create fully working and nice-looking menus for your WordPress websites. There are many features that can help you add a lightbox image to your website, you can have one level nested subgroups, etc. for enhanced functionalities.


  • You can have custom templates for your menus.
  • It offers you one level nested subgroup feature as well.
  • You can have attributes for showing group titles, group descriptions, etc.
  • It allows you to have custom templates for your menus to look stunning.
  • A created menu will fully support groups, subgroups, categories, subcategories, and items.
  • You can use the menu editor for easy drag & drop groups and items.


  • No matter if you are running a restaurant, gym, or salon, you can have your menu ready with the Best Restaurant Menu plugin.
  • You can have a lightbox image feature as well.
  • This plugin is not limited to restaurant menus only.
  • Each menu you create with this plugin will be fully responsive.


  • It offers only 5 templates.

There you have it! These were some of the cherry-picked restaurant menu solutions for your WordPress website. All of the aforementioned WordPress plugins are freely available in the WordPress plugin repository. However, some of them have pro versions as well. Thus, you can choose whichever you think will be best for your website and business.

Restaurant Menu Plugins for WordPress – In Conclusion

It might seem a little overwhelming for those who are not familiar with WordPress, but do not worry as it is pretty simple to install WordPress. And now that you know the best restaurant menu plugins for your WordPress website. Nowadays, everyone is getting more and more dependent on technology. Whether you are a website owner or a user, you know how things take place in this digital realm. Keeping things up-to-date is the key feature of making any website a success. However, plugins are designed in such a way that they provide you intended results. All you need to know is the right plugin to be included on the website at the right time, which can also drastically improve the performance of your WordPress website. 

Restaurant websites are unique in their way, they work according to the area they serve. For obvious reasons, a restaurant website requires lightweight yet powerful WordPress plugins that help you reach maximum customers with ease. However, every business is different from the other in some or other way. Thus, it is necessary that a plugin best for one website will give the same results for the other website too. So, go through all the plugins thoroughly and then decide which plugin is best for your restaurant website.

Learn how to install WordPress plugins quick and easy. You can also download free templates to create an amazing website. Do checkout must have plugins for your WordPress site.  However, do not go overboard with the plugins, you must know how many plugins your website requires. So, which restaurant menu plugin is your favorite? If you think any other plugin needs to be mentioned in the above list let me know in the comments down below.