Looking for an awesome and notably the best Joomla coming soon extensions for your website? But do not know where to start?

A coming soon page lets your customer or viewers know that the page or the site is under construction or unavailable at the moment. However, with the right type of coming soon page you can generate leads for your business, help you build or create an email list, improve user experience and help start building a constructive customer relationship.

In fact, a coming soon page on your site helps create hype among the customers and also score ranking on the search engine. In like manner, a ‘coming soon page’ is a great marketing strategy to help you start promoting your business on the search engine. Besides, you can also promote your social media feeds.

In this post, I have discussed in detail the best Joomla coming soon extensions so that you can make the best choice for your website. So, without any further delay let’s get started. But first, it is also very important to know how to install Joomla on XAMPP for more convenience.  Moreover, you must also know about how to change Joomla template and the best Joomla frameworks to give better appeal to your visual designs which can be added to your Joomla website.

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List of the Best Joomla Coming Soon Extensions (2022)

  1. Site Lock
  2. n3t Coming Soon
  3. JUX Coming Soon
  4. Offline
  5. LG Offline Page
  6. Coming Soon Page Builder
  7. JUX Offline Page
  8. AA Responsive Coming Soon Page
  9. Ruxin Site Offline

Best Joomla Coming Soon Extensions (Review)

1. Site Lock – Free Joomla coming soon extentions

Joomla coming soon extensions

Site Lock is a free coming soon extension for popular CMS platform Joomla. As the name suggests, the Site Lock extension allows you to password protect your website from being viewed while it under maintenance or development stage.

However, do not confuse Site Lock extension with ‘Site Offline’ features of Joomla. In like manner, the Site Lock extension gives you more flexibility and functions to work upon. The extension supports Joomla 3.x versions so make sure to check the Joomla version before installing the extension.

Core Features:

  • Customize the background colour
  • Customize the background image
  • Add a custom page title
  • Show or hide the login form from a splash page’
  • htaccess style site login protection
  • Give login access to the clients (without having to make them the user)
  • Create your own splash page message
  • Custom the splash page message (supports HTML format that you can edit using WYSIWYG editor)
  • Log in and preview your site just the way anyone else would when the site is live

Why Choose Site Lock?

  • Site Lock is a free extension that you can use on as many sites as you like
  • Do not have to use the basic ‘Joomla Offline’ function anymore
  • You can customize the viewers the one’s who can and cannot see the site using custom login credentials
  • Lock and unlock the Joomla site with just one-click

2. n3t Coming Soon – Free Download

Joomla coming soon extensions

n3t Coming Soon is again one of the best Joomla coming soon extensions on the list that allows you to block a webpage at a particular time. But, while showing the coming soon page, it will also showcase some text, background image, and Javascript countdown.

The extension is perfect for a site that is planning to launch a big event or if the site is under maintenance or undergoing a major update. Besides, the extension supports various Newsletter components like AcyMailing and jNews. Therefore, the visitors can enter their email address and get updates about the website.

Core Features:

  • In-built coming soon page can be displayed in the HTML or PHP file
  • Google Analytics code can be integrated within the Coming Soon Page
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter can be integrated into the coming soon page
  • Exclude IP addresses
  • Supports jNews and AcyMailing

Why Choose n3t Coming Soon?

3. JUX Coming Soon – Paid Download

Joomla coming soon extensions JUX Coming Soon

JUX Coming Soon is a premium extension that allows you to quickly complete the setup. It is a great extension that allows you to add a coming soon page on your website in a unique yet stylish way. Therefore, you can easily add the coming soon page when the site is offline or under maintenance.

Besides, the extension comes with additional features like the about us, countdown timer, newsletter subscription, detailed contact forms and 3 types of layouts.

Core Features:

  • Responsive mobile-friendly designs
  • Highly customizable backend
  • 3 styles of background
  • 5 different ways to add the countdown timer
  • Add information on the coming soon page with login page information, contact form, address, map, social media icons
  • Integrate AcyMailing as an optional email newsletter
  • Fully customizable background
  • Integration of AcyMailing

Why Choose JUX Coming Soon?

  • Compatible with major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more
  • Offers outstanding out-of-the-box designs
  • 3 different style background options – image, slideshow, video
  • 5 images along with 6 stunning effects for slideshow background
  • Supports YouTube video

4. Offline – Free Download


Offline is again a free extension for Joomla coming soon extensions. Generally, a Joomla user needs to enter specific details like username and password to get the specific page offline. However, using the login function prevents guest functionality on the site. So, the option to take your website offline also takes down the entire section of guest users.

Likewise, the guest functionality as important as for the registered users, because it gives you a great chance to make a good impression on the guests. The offline plugin has the same functionality as my AdminExile extension. Therefore, the admin can set the Joomla site offline with the Joomla configuration. You can allow this plugin and give login free access to the users. In like manner, the users can access as guests while the site is offline. ‘

Core Features:

  • Very simple configuration
  • No tweaking of code
  • Stunning branding from frontend and backend
  • CIDR Capable whitelist

Why Choose Offline?

  • Free of cost
  • Very simple to use and configure

5. LG Offline Page – Free Download

Lg Offline Page

The LG Offline Page is again a free Joomla extension that allows you to create and customize coming soon page for your offline or under construction site. It is a great extension for a Joomla website that is under maintenance. Besides, you can enable or disable the connection form. This extension is compatible with Joomla 2.x and Joomla 3.x, so make sure to check the Joomla version.

Core Features:

  • Customize and display information like logo, titles, QR code, social media networks, meta tags, connection form
  • Add contact information like phone number, email id, fax, etc.
  • Customize background colour and images
  • Add a cover image as an offline page
  • Change background options

Why Choose LG Offline Page?

  • It is a free coming soon page extension for the Joomla website
  • Highly responsive
  • Add HTML code in text inputs

6. Coming Soon Page Builder – Free Download

Coming Soon Page Builder

As the name suggests the coming soon page builder allows you to add the coming page on your Joomla site that is under construction or maintenance. It is a responsive and full screen coming soon template with a unique set of features, that make this extension one-of-a-kind and worth mentioning on the list of best Joomla coming soon extensions.

Core Features:

  • Highly responsive
  • High resolutions retina display ready
  • Single colour theme option
  • Integrate countdown timer
  • Add menu page
  • More than 24 social network
  • Compatible with major browsers and devices

Why Choose Coming Soon Page Builder?

  • Excellent support system
  • The extension is available for free
  • Very easy to use and comes with an intuitive user interface

7. JUX Offline Page – Paid Download

JUX Offline Page

JUX Offline Page is premium and one of the best Joomla coming soon extensions that allow you to create and customize the offline page on your site. The extension supports Joomla 3.x. Therefore, if your site is under construction or up for maintenance, then you can integrate and customize the offline page on your site.

Additionally, the JUX Offline Page offers a responsive page setup with minimal style, and an amazing set of unique features like a countdown timer, customer email, logo, social share and more. Not to mention, the simplicity of the JUX design is what makes the extension extremely easy to use and configure.

Core Features:

  • 9 overlay effects to make your site look simply amazing
  • Show minimalistic information on the coming soon pages like email address, logo, contact form and more
  • 3 background style – images, slider, and video
  • Generate responsive layout styles
  • Countdown timers available in 5 different styles
  • Easy and highly customizable backend
  • Add the YouTube video you want to display
  • Mobile-friendly designs

Why Choose JUX Offline Page?

  • Highly responsive designs
  • Impressive designs with CSS3 transition effect
  • Supports Acymailing
  • Flexible configuration
  • Customize CSS
  • SEO features like add meta tags
  • Multilingual support

8. AA Responsive Coming Soon Page – Paid Download

AA Responsive Coming Soon Page

AA responsive coming soon page is a great extension that allows you to easily integrate the coming soon page on your website when the website is offline or under work.

The extension is highly customizable, flexible and responsive to use and is designed to give your site a boost. Made with powerful Bootstrap 3 and FontAwsome 4, it provides a great level of customization.

Core Features:

  • Integration of countdown timer
  • SEO functionalities included
  • Various customization options
  • Easy to install and activate the extension

Why Choose AA Responsive Coming Soon?

  • Fully responsive
  • Stunning backend
  • Excellent support
  • Supports Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x

9. Ruxin Site Offline – Paid Download

Ruxin Site Offline

The Ruxin Site Offline is a premium extension that allows you to create and customize an offline page, under construction page, coming soon page, a landing page that can be easily installed and configured within few minutes. It is an easy to use, fast, flexible and user-friendly extension with some of the best templates to use.

Core Features:

  • 5 unique style templates
  • Display opening time of the site
  • Show address, email id, social network, and contact number
  • Can log in and view the site at any time
  • Fully responsive

Why Choose Ruxin Site Offline?

  • User-friendly templates
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Add custom stylesheet CSS stylesheet of the template in use
  • Overrule functionality by custom extensions and template overrides

The Final Verdict – Best Joomla Coming Soon Extension

After comparing all the features in detail, of the aforementioned Joomla coming soon extension, I have concluded that Site Lock is slightly ahead of its competitors. It offers tones of useful features and easy to use interface, that a person with no technical knowledge can also use it. Besides, it is available for free. Just have look at Joomla menu extensionsJoomla membership extensions and Joomla rating and review extensions.

I hope this post helped you find out the best Joomla coming soon extensions for your website. Which one do you like the best? Or did I miss out any? Do make sure to write it down in the comment section. Also, if you are in the initial phase of creating a Joomla website, with the best Joomla frameworks then do check out our free Joomla templates, and Joomla template creator software to design a beautiful offline page with offline website builder and create Joomla template.