Check out the best Joomla live chat extensions to add to your Joomla website. Adding live chat support to your Joomla website provides your users a sense of freedom to connect with you anytime they want. There are several Joomla extensions available out there. But choosing the one efficient solution for your website can be daunting. Well, I have curated a list of the best Joomla live chat extensions for you. I am sure by the time you finish reading this post, you will be able to select the best  Joomla live chat extension for your website. So, let’s dive right in!

When you create a website with Joomla template creator, it makes perfect sense to provide live chat support as well. It is no hidden fact that providing support via live chat can directly impact the volume of your business. Sometimes the importance of including the live chat support may vary with the type of business website you are having. For instance, if you are running a website and offering different types of products then, it becomes absolutely necessary to have a live chat support system on your website. Joomla live chat extension is one of the essential Joomla extensions to boost up your site.

Customer support can be the deciding factor for users whether they will continue using your services/products or not. Thus, including a high-performance and user-friendly live chat solution to your website can help you captivate users. Live chat facility permits you to initiate a live chat with website visitors, monitor your website traffic, analyze visitors’ web actions, etc. Moreover, you can easily make your site your search engine optimized and use keywords at the right place. This way you can handle your Joomla SEO as well.

So, let’s find out which Joomla live chat extension you should use.

Best Joomla Live Chat Extensions

1. Chatra


Chatra is an efficient Joomla live chat extension. This Joomla extension offers you the live chat facility. Of course, with live chat, you can sell more simply by answering the questions your visitors or users are asking. By clearing their doubts or by giving them more information about your product or service that can be useful for them, you can sell more. However, you can further help them place the order. In fact, you can also receive feedback for the products or services they have used. This way, you will be able to identify the problems your users are facing as well as can gather their email and contact information. That can be further use to build your email list for email campaigns and all.


  • Chatra provides you with real-time visitor lists that are currently present on your Joomla website.
  • It also lets you use ChatBots for collecting visitors’ contact details.
  • It has a unique exit-intent feature that triggers when a visitor is about to leave your Joomla website.
  • Chatra has Facebook integration too.
  • It provides you complete information about the visitors such as which page they are visiting, where they are from, and which device they are using.


  • It’s really simple with Chatra.
  • Chatra is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.
  • It keeps the conversation history so that whenever a customer returns the conversation continues in the same thread.


  • Many advanced features such as Facebook messenger, email helpdesk, automation, bots, invisible chats, team chat, Google Analytics, etc. are limited to the premium plans only.

2. Chatwee Social Chat


Chatwee Social Chat is another useful Joomla extension that helps you build a buzzing community with ease. All your effort will pay off if people visiting your site are ready to use the services or products you are offering. The main purpose of this Joomla extension is to provide you advanced group chat solutions. That will further enhance the user experience, strengthen user engagement. It also focuses on creating a platform for real-time interactions. The power of text and a broad range of emojis, and not to forget images can also be used for delivering your real emotions to your users through chat.


  • Chatwee Social Chat allows you to have real-time interaction with your users.
  • You can anytime head to the paid plan if you are getting more users with time.
  • It also has a pay-per-function feature.
  • There are a variety of customization options readily available.
  • Chatwee Social Chat is coupled with multiple chat rooms.


  • It is available for free.
  • It is pretty simple to install and configure this Joomla extension to your Joomla site.
  • Chatwee Social Chat has many operational features to boost your site traffic.


  • It is a remotely hosted chat software.

3. Live Chat – JivoChat Solution

Live Chat Jivochat Solution

Live Chat – JivoChat Solution Joomla extension enables you to begin a personal conversation with your visitors without a hitch. However, the impact of live chat can be clearly seen on your site growth. This plugin comes with an easy-to-perform installation process that really sets you free from the burden of dealing with large techie files. This Live Chat – JivoChat offers you multichannel Joomla live support. That means you can live chat with your users on platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Vibe, more. Calls from phone numbers from any country can be easily answered with the JivoChat Joomla extension.


  • With Live Chat – JivoChat Solution, you can have multichannel Joomla live chat.
  • Everything is fully managed and organized in one single place.
  • You can have Facebook chat effortlessly without having to log in or open a new tab.
  • It is possible for visitors to expand the chatbox on your website to begin chatting.
  • Selecting chat window languages is possible via the JivoChat account.


  • Live Chat – JivoChat Solution has an easy installation process.
  • You don’t have to sign up for multiple communication tools.
  • You can quickly redirect emails from your company’s address to the Jivochat inbox for easy access.


  • It does not support lower versions of Joomla 3.

4. ChatSupport

Chat Support

ChatSupport is a strong live chat software solution that can be easily added to your Joomla website within minutes. It can be conveniently added to your Joomla site and you can engage your site visitors with the help of a user-friendly dashboard. You can easily offer real-time support and improve sales by staying connected and answering questions and providing them solutions. ChatSupport makes it really simple for your customers to get in touch with you for all their queries.


  • ChatSupport is a free Joomla tool.
  • It offers excellent customer support.
  • Just by creating your free account on ChatSupport, you can start using it.
  • All the widgets are fully customizable.
  • Your chat dashboard will show you information regarding customer information, leads, visitors, etc.


  • You can perfectly manage multiple chats in real-time via one easy dashboard.
  • There are features to rearrange returning visitors without a hitch.
  • You can introduce pre-chat survey forms to capture lead information.


  • You can have only up to three chats at a time.

Bonus Joomla Live Chat Extensions

5. IWS.BY Widget VK Community Chat

IWS.BY Widget VK community chat

IWS.BY Widget VK community chat is another free Joomla extension that you can use and stay connected with your visitors. In order to use this Joomla live chat extension on your Joomla site, it does not require any coding skills. Like you would install any other Joomla extension, you can easily install and configure this plugin as well. It’s pretty simple to add chat support. All you have to do is enter the community ID from the social network Vkontekte. And you are done.


  • If your coding skills are not that good, even then you can use this plugin quite easily.
  • It lets you select the display side of the chat widget in relation to the user screen – left or right.
  • This chat feature does not load your system.
  • With your community ID from the social network Vkontakte, it gets simpler to initiate a chat.
  • You need to have a Joomla 3 or above version installed on your site.


  • It does not require any programming skills.
  • It enables you to configure the automatic opening of the widgets.
  • IWS.BY Widget VK community chat is available in English and Russian languages.


  • It is available for social network Vkontakte only.

6. DJ-Chat

Dj Chat

DJ-Chat provides you a straightforward chat system provided you are working with Joomla version 3. However, it also works for DJ-Classified without a hitch. No matter what type of Joomla business website you are running, you can use this DJ-Chat Joomla live chat extension to grab user attention. Everyone from buyer to seller can seamlessly use this Joomla extension in real-time, that too with the help of an online messenger displayed in the right corner of the screen. You can easily use this plugin and engage visitors by building strong communication with them.


  • DJ-Chat is an easier-to-use Joomla extension.
  • It has several chat options included.
  • It offers you real-time visitor management options.
  • DJ-Chat involves friendly and flexible configuration.
  • It comes with a forever free plan.


  • DJ-Chat is available in Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) for free.
  • This is an extremely simple Joomla extension.
  • It has an amazing support system.


  • Joomla professionals may find the features very basic.

So, this is it! The list of the top best Joomla live chat extensions ends here. All the mentioned Joomla extensions are easy to use and offer many useful features that can give you a fully functional live chat system on your Joomla website. The Joomla live chat extensions discussed above are free to use. But you want you can use any other paid Joomla live chat extension as well. However, it doesn’t matter which extension you are using, the important thing is to allow your visitors to reach you whenever they want.

Why You Should Use Joomla Live Chat Extensions

When you make the first move by designing your Joomla site either with the help of one of the web design software or by coding yourself. In fact, there are several Joomla page builders out there with the help of which you can have as many effective Joomla pages as you want up and running. But the competition is getting tougher day by day and it’s getting difficult than ever before to engage your audience with the products or services you are offering. Nowadays many small businesses try to establish a connection with their users by building a chat website. And some out-source the help. But all-in-all both these methods seem expensive and extremely time-consuming.

However, handling customers on call or a different web browser can be really difficult at times. Sometimes, it might take you plenty of time to customize and update the chat. Hence you will be prone to more complications. In fact, if you haven’t had the time to manage them, your site security is at risk. Wrongdoers can easily breach your Joomla site security and harm your website. Well, that’s why it is advisable to keep your Joomla backup handy and avoid such unpleasant events happening.

That’s where the concept of Joomla live chat extensions comes into existence. There are many paid and free Joomla live chat extensions such as Chatra and Chatwee Social Chat can be your on-the-go live chat extension to improve Joomla website performance. Embedding live chat support on your website is the quickest way to drive more traffic to your website. Because people can associate with you at their convenience.

Best Joomla Live Chat Extensions Comparison Table

Key Differences ChatraChatwee Social ChatLive Chat – JivoChat SolutionChatSupportIWS.BY Widget VK community chat
Free/Paid  FreeFreeYes, FreeFreeFree
Joomla Version Compatibility Joomla 3 and Joomla 4Only Joomla 3Joomla 3, Joomla 4Only Joomla 3Joomla 4
Includes ModulePluginPluginModule, PluginComponent, Module, Plugin
Plugin Version

Happy Chatting!

Joomla Live Chat Extensions – In Conclusion

So, these were some of the cherry-picked Joomla live chat extensions that you can use for your Joomla website. There are well-known benefits of Joomla for creating a website. And makes complete sense to keep your Joomla website secure with the help of Joomla extensions for website security. And keeping an eye on Joomla update, check the Joomla version, or if you want you can enable two-factor authentication in Joomla as well for double security.

Now you must be wondering why am I reminding you all of these things here in the conclusion. Well, the purpose is to draw your attention to the factors that if not taken care of properly can do great damage to your online presence. Furthermore, it can ultimately affect your business too. And not to forget when you stay connected with your visitors or customers by any means, you build a relationship with them. Especially, when they are free to contact you whenever they want to. Joomla live chat extensions are the way to attract your potential clients. Because everyone likes the feel of being taken care of.

So, adding live chat support can work wonders for your website and for your business as well. Which Joomla live chat extension you find useful, please don’t forget to share with me. And if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to leave me a message below in the comments box. I would love to hear from you.