Do you want to build an attractive restaurant food menu on your Joomla website? Well, it is not as difficult as it may sound, all you need to do is find the best restaurant menu extensions for your website, and you are halfway through the process.

Especially in the digital world we live in, the best restaurants have got so much more to offer than just the ambience and good food. Not to mention, digitally a good restaurant is all about eliciting a restaurant’s sense of style while also giving the customers a tinch of what they are most likely to experience on their physical visit. Besides, it is more convenient to order food online especially during the pandemic, than to go out. That is why restaurants need to have an online menu system to not lose out on potential customers.

However, the idea is how to stay ahead of your competitors? Well, it’s all about finding the best restaurant menu extension- that fits perfectly on your website.

In this article, I have listed the 10 best Joomla menu extensions that can boost your site and are the best fit for any restaurant or food-related website. You can download these extensions and upgrade your site just the way you like. Again you can pick easy to use Joomla website builder and redesign your Joomla site or create an awesome Joomla template. Now, let’s go through the awesome menu extensions to make it easier for you to choose one for your website.

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List of Best Joomla Restaurant Extensions For You

  1. Phoca Restaurant Menu Lite
  2. vRestaurant
  3. JUX 3D Restaurant Menu
  4. Open Menu
  5. J51 Restaurant Menu
  6. MX Menu Creator
  7. Solidres Restaurant Management System
  8. Menu Restaurant
  9. FW Food Menu
  10. IWS by Simple Restaurant Menu


1. Phoca Restaurant Menu Lite – Free Download

Joomla Restaurant Menu Extension phoca

Phoca restaurant menu lite is a great Joomla CMS component that is available for free. The extension allows you to create a menu for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, canteen, buffet, club and so on. Besides, the menu can be easily added on the website as HTML, printed on a sheet and emailed to the customer. Moreover, the RSS also allows you to display the menu on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Main Features:

  • Supports HTML (partially responsive), Bootstrap 2, and Bootstrap 3 (highly responsive)
  • PDF format option available
  • Email mailing
  • Simple HTML for printing directly from the website
  • RSS feed (XML) for publishing on Facebook and Twitter
  • 3 editing options (Simple Joomla administration, multiple edit, and raw edit)
  • Screenshot function
  • Display images in the menu

2. vRestaurant – Paid Download

Joomla Restaurant Menu Extensions vRestaurant

vRestaurant is a premium menu extension for Joomla to order food online. It is one of the best Joomla restaurant menu extensions that allows you to display the menu on a website, integrate a booking system, add table planners, list, rate and review tool. Again, this is a great extension to provide a top-notch user experience to your customers on the website and ensure they receive nothing but the best. Besides, it also makes things more convenient for the staff at the restaurant.

Therefore, the vRestaurant extension provides a convenient and powerful way of displaying the menu and ordering food online and getting a real-time order confirmation. Moreover, with an integrated online room, table reservation, and order booking features, your customers can save a lot of time as well.

Main Features:

  • List your restaurant with all features and facilities
  • Dynamic search options
  • Search and filter food items by menu, category, ratings, and more
  • Compare the reviews and ratings
  • Generate coupons using predefined templates
  • Customers can also use a coupon code generated by the owner to avail discounts
  • Very intuitive and simple dashboard
  • Expandable sidebar and widgets
  • 15 modules (modules like Google Map, menu of the day, restaurant menu, and more)
  • 5 plugins by default (that is PayPal, Stripe, Restaurant search, Menu search, Wire Transfer)

3. JUX 3D Restaurant Menu – Paid Download

Joomla Restaurant Menu Extensions JUX

The JUX 3D Restaurant menu is 3-dimensional for a restaurant or a bar. In like manner, the JUX 3D restaurant menu is a three dimensional folded menu through which you can open the menu simply by clicking on the related items or additional menu list. Thus, the concept matches with any website with an attractive traditional layout.

Moreover, the extension also provides smooth management in the backend. Therefore, you can download and add and customize the menu items to the menu in just a few minutes.

Main Features:

  • Highly responsive 3-dimensional menu
  • Integration of CSS3 transformation
  • Out-of-the-box elegant designs
  • Realistic menu approach
  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.x so make sure to check the Joomla version
  • Simple cover page customization
  • Upload and customize menu items in the backend in few minutes
  • Supports external URL
  • Easily integrate short and long descriptions
  • Supports image output
  • Add titles, pricings, alias

4. Open Menu – Free Download

Open Menu

The open menu is a free extension that allows you to add a restaurant food menu to your website. It fully integrates the Open Menu into your new or existing Joomla website. As a result, your Joomla site is automatically synced with the OpenMenu, so you need to manage only one menu.

Whether you want to add a menu to a custom OpenMenu module or add the food menu anywhere on your Joomla site, this extension takes care of all your open menus.

Main Features:

  • Display single or multiple menus on your Joomla site using the OpenMenu
  • Add menu to any article using the shortcode for OpenMenu
  • Very easy to install
  • Various filter options to display the restaurant menu
  • Add 1 or 2 columns and manage how the menu is shown

5. J51 Restaurant Menu – Paid Download

J51 Restaurant Menu

The J51 restaurant menu is a premium extension to add food and drinks to your Joomla website. Therefore, you can use one of the best Joomla restaurant menu extensions to display a clean and elegant online version of the menu on the website.

Also, the extension has various layout options and allows you to fully customize the menu items just the way you like. Moreover, the extension offers a responsive way of improving performance on every device.

Main Features:

  • Define and display multiple menu groups
  • Add title, description and prices for each item
  • Multiple column options definable for each screen size
  • Control different colours
  • Fast and lightweight to use
  • Highly responsive

6. MX Menu Creator – Paid Download

MX Menu Creater

Here is a great extension that can be used to add menus to restaurants, cafes, and bar websites. In fact, it is one of the extensions that provides an easy way to add a menu to your site in just a few minutes.

Additionally, this extension also has three unique styles to win your online customers. Using this extension you will not just make it easier for the customers to view the food menu but also enhance customer satisfaction.

Main Features:

  • Three different styles – default, carousel, tabs
  • Two versions – dark and light
  • Customize the colour
  • Add a title on the top, top text, and background image
  • Option to add and download pdf link
  • Add items columns and items count
  • Add light gallery pop up images
  • Supports bootstrap
  • Add and customize QR code generator

7. Solidres Restaurant Management System – Paid Download

Solidres Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System by Solidres is a powerful and convenient solution for those who want to integrate the menu system for their hotel or restaurant. Similarly, the Joomla extension allows you to manage the restaurant directly from the website and on any device without having any coding knowledge. The extension comes with a powerful set of features that further make the user experience one of a kind.

Main Features:

  • Effectively manage menu items
  • Table management and allotment
  • Online table booking and management
  • Order food online with takeaway feature
  • Digital restaurant menu allows you to easily add/ remove menu items
  • POS integration for tablet and smartphones
  • Supports multiple languages and multiple currencies
  • Customer dashboard to manage online bookings and orders
  • Display overall sales report and statistics
  • Integrate Solidres in the customer dashboard
  • Specify shifts- opening and closing timings for weekdays and weekends

8. Menu Restaurant – Free Download

Menu restaurant

Menu Restaurant is again a free extension that is worth mentioning on our list of best Joomla restaurant menu extensions. The extension easily shows the menu for cafe, restaurants, and food outlets on a website. Moreover, the best part about the extension is that it also includes an option to edit the menu every day. Besides, you can also edit the colour of the font, background images, currency, price and ability to add ‘dish of the day.

Main Features:

  • The user can add and edit different menus every day
  • Change the font and its colour
  • Display the copyright
  • Change the background image of the module
  • Various currency options to choose from

9. FW Food Menu – Free Download 

Fw Food Menu

The FW Food Menu is the ultimate solution for the Joomla restaurant menu extension. The extension allows youtube to display food menu and items for single/multi-column meals. You can categorize the menu with images or not as a component view. Besides offering the option to display a food menu, it also provides interesting features like the ability to add meals of the day, special offers on any item, and a new meal badge.

Main Features:

  • 3 layout options – full category menu, single category layout, and no image list
  • Add different menu categories
  • Mobile-friendly layouts with the best performance
  • Add price discount options
  • Display meal categories in with individual layout settings
  • Easy navigation module
  • 2 column layout with or without image
  • Create menu style along with HTML description for every item

10. IWS by Simple Restaurant Menu – Paid Download

IWS by Simple Restaurant Menu

Lastly, we have IWS by Simple Restaurant Menu on our list of best Joomla Restaurant menu extensions. It is a great extension that allows you to add and publish menus for restaurants, cafeterias, canteens and various food outlets.

Main Features:

  • Completely manage from the admin panel
  • Universal template layout framework
  • Highly responsive
  • Add name and description for each category
  • Easily customize currencies, text sizes and text styles
  • Add dish and customizes information like price, name, and category the item belongs to

Final Words – The Best Joomla Restaurant Menu Extensions

In this digital era, more and more customers are turning towards the internet to know about things and the same goes for online menus. In like manner, it is important for the restaurants of the competitors. One of the best ways to stay up in the game is by adding a Joomla restaurant menu extension.

Here we have discussed in detail the 10 best Joomla restaurant menu extensions so you can pick the one that suits your website and budget. Thus, enabling you to reach out to the customers in a better way and also improve their overall experience.

Which menu extension from the list is best for you? Do you have more suggestions for us? Make sure to let me know in the comment sections below. Also, check out our free Joomla templates and give your website a stunning appeal.