If you are confused between SendinBlue and ActiveCampaign, then you’ve landed yourself onto the right page. We’re going to compare SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign differences in terms of templates, reporting, automation, deliverability, customer support, and integrations.

It can be exhausting trying to look through them all. But don’t worry, we at TemplateToaster website maker blog, always try to help to make informed decisions by doing research on your behalf. Read this article to understand which email marketing provider can help you with increase in open rates.

SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign: What are they?

Thinking of building or growing your subscriber list? An adequate email marketing tool can be a perfect way to improve your marketing results, generate more conversions, and earn extra revenue. SendinBlue and ActiveCampaign, both are quite popular and well-established in their field. Moreover, their features are almost identical to one another, so, which one to pick and why? Read this article to find out which one of them can do wonderful marketing tricks for dramatic success of your business.

What is SendinBlue?


SendinBlue was launched in 2012 and is designed to help businesses build stronger connections with their customers via email marketing. With it’s low monthly fees, it allows access to SMS campaigns, a wide range of attractive and responsive templates, great automation features and segmentation ability, and so much more. Moreover, it also offers a free version which offers enough features for an individual or a small business.

What is ActiveCampaign?


ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing tool full of robust features. It offers the capability to integrate marketing with a strong customer relationship management suite. It offers a great customer relationship management (CRM) suite and automation with its certified one-stop email marketing tools to allow you to keep everything organized for your basic marketing needs.

SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign: Which one to use and when?

SendinBlue or ActiveCampaign, which one is better for you? Read these unique capabilities and features offered by either of them and know which one will work better for you.

When to use SendinBlue?

sendinblue graph usage

When you need to send one-on-one campaigns, you should go for SendinBlue. It is one of the best tools available for trigger-based and transactional emails using clicks, opens, and even webpage visits. You can go for SendinBlue when you want an affordable tool that offers automation, advanced segmentation, and dynamic personalization. Furthermore, if you are an eCommerce tool and need the ability to import customer orders, and customizable KPIs, then Sendinblue is perfectly capable of doing it for you.

When to use ActiveCampaign?

activecampaign graph usage

When you need complete marketing automation with greater control over your business contact, you should use ActiveCampaign. With its tagging and segmentation, you can have control over your contact list and send personalized emails to your subscribers for an effective marketing of your business and products. When you are a small-medium sized business and need an affordable plan that can fulfil your basic marketing requirements.

SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign: What are some useful features?

Email Templates

SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign email templates

SendinBlue offers a range of features to simplify the email advertising along with 200+ attractive and responsive templates. These templates are ready-to-use with minor changes. In case you don’t like any of the available templates, you also have the option to create your own template from scratch with its easy to use drop and drag builder. You can add effective layouts using headers, text boxes, and even your own logo. However, you can’t add things like social media buttons and it also offers limited features when it comes to background and aesthetics.

activecampaign email templates

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign offers 30 templates to choose from. Similarly, you can also create your own template from scratch using its drag and drop builder. Only difference is that it offers the ability to add social media buttons and also offers a wide range of features when it comes to background and aesthetics.


With Sendinblue, you can track the performance of your campaigns. It offers a large number of reporting tools and basic metric tracking including the option to look at opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. It can also map the content onto a timeline to help you see the crucial information regarding your campaign to help you figure out where to focus your marketing efforts. You can also test subject lines,email content, and the time you send the email, to help you develop email marketing tricks to increase open rates.

Whereas ActiveCampaign also offers several options apart from usual open and link tracking. You can generate statistics for each individual campaign with ActiveCampaign. You can also drill down into the relevant contacts and send the campaign to those who didn’t open. Only improvement it needs is an intuitive interface.


SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign-automation

SendinBlue automation offers automatic basic sequences with 8 different scenarios to choose from. You need to select the scenario and then you can simply drag-and-drop the funnel builder. It’s not as pretty and definitely more time consuming. It allows you to add events, triggers, and emails to autoresponder strategy based on the objectives you want to achieve. All-in-all it is pretty straightforward.

activecampaign automation

Alternatively, ActiveCampaign offers more advanced funnelling with system and segmentation using list and tags. It allows you to do it manually or in bulk as well. Set up conditions that will tag your subscribers based on various actions they take using automation workflow, in less consuming time. ActiveCampaign is clearly the winner here, because let’s face it, you’re not getting anything nearly as advanced with Sendinblue. ActiveCampaign allows you to drill down into the deepest parts of segmentation and triggered email.


With SendinBlue, improving deliverability is slightly easy. It automatically blacklists any contact that triggers a hard bounce, so you can stop sending email to them. Moreover, it lets you sort your contact immediately, which means you can clean your list easily. Furthermore, their dedicated IPs ensures that other people aren’t damaging your sender reputation with their shady behavior. Ultimately, it offers the best deliverability as compared to other existing competitors.

ActiveCampaign is more comprehensive and definitely offers better deliverability. It ensures that your subscribers receive your mail in their main folder rather than a promotional box. It certainly offers better transparency which is good for Capturing Email Leads.

Customer Support

sendinblue support

Sendinblue is known to offer a pretty comprehensive help center full of support documentation and tutorials covering a wide range of topics. Moreover, they offer knowledgeable and friendly staff that are always ready to help you via live chat, emails, and phone calls, regardless of the plan you bought.

activecampaign customer support

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign only recruits WordPress veterans and engineers in their support team. They are highly technical and experienced. Moreover, they also offer a rich help center full of guides and tutorials on a variety of topics.


sendinblue integration

In terms of integrations, SendinBlue doesn’t really offer quite as many plugins as ActiveCampaign. Of course, you can have basic integrations like Google Analytics, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Shopify OptinMonster, and even Magento.

activecampaign integration

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign offers hundreds of integrations but you will need to upgrade for better data integrations, sales automation, custom domains, and lead scoring.

SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign: Comparison table

sendinblue vs activecampaign differences

Direct comparison of SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign-

Factors SendinBlue ActiveCampaign
Started rate (for 2.5K subscribers) Free $39 a month
Web activity tracking Yes Yes
Predictive analytics No No
Event management No Yes
Split testing Yes Yes
Real-time sales alert Yes No
Integrations Limited 100+
Bulk social media posting No Yes
SMS marketing Yes Yes
Landing Pages Yes No
Free Version Yes No

What is SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign Pricing?


SendinBlue is known to offer extremely competitive pricing as compared to other existing competitors. It’s most cheapest plan is available at just $25 a month. In addition to that, they also offer a free trial and a free version. See additional plan and pricing details below-

sendinblue pricing


ActiveCampaign has four levels of pricing according to the length of your contact list. It offers Lite ($9), Plus ($49), Professional ($129), and Enterprise plan ($229). Upgrading to higher-tier plans means upgrading to advanced features. However, even the Lite plan is efficient for basic marketing for a small business. Have a look at this detailed description of ActiveCampaign plans pricing and features-

activecampaign pricing

What are some pros and cons in SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign?

Pros of SendinBlue

  • Good value, reliable, and flexible marketing
  • Great automation capabilities
  • A wide range of attractive templates to choose from
  • Attractive pricing as compared to other existing competitors
  • Relatively reliable reporting and deliverability
  • Beginner friendly
  • Free trial and a free version available
  • Landing page creator available with higher-tier plans
  • Fantastic added extras including machine learning, and CRM functionality

Grab Sendinblue

Cons of SendinBlue

  • Room for improvement in reporting tool
  • Limited number of integrations available
  • For best customer support experience, higher-tier plans are needed

Pros of ActiveCampaign

  • Easy to use and customize
  • Integrates the unique geo tracking feature
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • One-stop-shop for Marketing automation, site tracking, sales and CRM
  • Also offers iOS CRM app
  • Offers A/B split testing
  • Offers effective list segmentation
  • Sms and facebook integration available

Grab ActiveCampaign

Cons of ActiveCampaign

  • Some features are slow like insertion of multiple images
  • Not a lot of  templates to choose from

How Does Sendinblue Compare with tools?

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How Does ActiveCampaign Compare with tools?

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SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign – In Conclusion

Both SendinBlue and ActiveCampaign are best email marketing software tools for successful internet marketing. Their service is mostly identical to one another as either one of them will help you streamline your sales and marketing process. However, after looking closely, you will realize that Sendinblue is somehow a better tool for the average business. Considering, it offers excellent value, certainly since it doesn’t charge by the length of your contact list. SendinBlue is certainly cheaper than ActiveCampaign and offers almost similar features for less than half the price. Moreover, it also offers a free version that can work out perfectly for an individual or an entry-level website.  Furthermore, SendinBlue also includes attractive landing pages.

Overall, ActiveCampaign is a powerful digital marketing tools that goes with the motto “Go beyond email marketing with true marketing automation.” This is the reason it is also known as a one-stop-shop that helps businesses with their overall marketing, just like SendinBlue. It offers some of the most advanced and unique features like automations that provide efficiency to all your business needs, especially email marketing. It can cater services to small, medium, and large businesses with its optimized plans. ActiveCampaign may offer the next-level advanced features but a small business can’t afford their expensive plans. However, it is clear that Sendinblue also offers similar features to ActiveCampaign at half the price. Therefore, to conclude this, SendinBlue is a better option with its free trials and cheaper plans.

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