Do you want to reduce the bounce rate of your site? Want more and more Page views?… If yes, then this article is for you. You will find how to implement Infinite Scroll in WordPress through plugins.You will come to know about best WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins.

When you reach the bottom of a web page, the more content is uploaded automatically; this is known as infinite scrolling. You might have seen such websites in which when you reach the end of one page, it uploads more content automatically without your intervention. For example – Facebook. It gives the better browsing experience to the user hence became the latest trend. But now the question arises, are the Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugins good for your site?


Why use WordPress Infinite Scroll?

Infinite Scroll has great benefits. It remarkably increases the viewer time on the site as they don’t have the choice to move to other pages and stick to scrolling. So as they spent time on your site, the conversion rates will increase considerably. They can tend to buy you product or leave their email with you. Secondly, most of the people equipped with mobiles and tablets today and infinite scrolling is best for these devices. Along with this, you will get a better carefree browsing experience, better exposure to content as on many sites like Forbes, etc.

According to stats too, since 2016 infinite scrolling has become the new trend. You can get over 613,648 websites that have used Infinite Scroll, 242,974 live websites using Infinite Scroll and an additional 370,674 sites that used Infinite Scroll historically. Even, YouTube has recently implemented the infinite scrolling. So, probably to use the WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins will be a good idea.


Where to Use Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugins?

Infinite Scroll WordPress works well for your site if all the blogs of your site are of equal importance. Suppose you upload blogs of about 1000 words regularly, then all the blogs are of equal importance. But if you post blogs of 3000 words in months and in between a blog of 700 words, then you might prioritize the blogs differently. Infinite Scroll Plugin WordPress is good for the first case.

Secondly, if you have a social networking site like Facebook, then all posts are equal. Some of will be more popular, some will less. But there are no automatic criteria to set the higher importance of one post over the other. Then, in this case, Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugin is good for your site.


How to Implement WordPress Infinite Scroll ?

Infinite easily implements through Infinite Scroll Plugins.You can download and install Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugin painlessly. Here at Templatetoaster WordPress theme builder, I have listed of best Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugins.


Best WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins Comparison Chart

WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins Ajax Load More Ajax Pagination & infinite Scroll DMD Infinite Scroll Jetpack YITH Infinite Scroll
Active Installs 30,000+ 4,000+ 8,000+ 4 Million + 100+
Woocommerce Compatible No Yes Yes No Yes
Mobile Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pagination Sets Per Template Not Available Multiple 10 Not Available Not Available
Load Image Styling Yes No No No Yes
Shortcode Builder Yes No No No No

List of best Infinite Scrolling Plugins For WordPress

  1. Ajax Load More
  2.  Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll
  3. DMD Infinite Scroll
  4. JetPack
  5. YITH Infinite Scrolling


Best WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins (Review)

1. Ajax Load More – best WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugin

Ajax Load More is an optimum WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugin to load posts, pages, comments and more with ajax queries. You can easily generate shortcodes of complex WordPress with its shortcode builder. You can add it by content editor or directly into the template files. It looks as a visible delight as it smoothly loads the another post when you just scroll down. It has many features like


  • Shortcode Builder – It is used to create custom shortcode by adjusting the various WordPress query parameters in a user-friendly manner.
  • Query Parameters – It allows you to query WordPress by much different content types. This will include Post Type, Post Format, Date, Category, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, Search Term, Authors etc.
  • Repeater Templates – You can edit and extend the functionality of plugin by creating your own repeater template. This can be edited to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Multiple Instances – You can include multiple instances on a single page, post or template.
  • Ajax Filtering – The Ajax filtering method will allow you to filter and update results of your Ajax queries.
  • Multisite Compatibility – It manages repeater templates across all sites in your network.
  • Setting Panel – It is used to customize your version of the plugin by updating various settings.


2. Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll

Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll is an open source software and successfully made its place to the list of some best WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins. It loads the page content with Ajax. It works well on pages, searches, custom post types and woocommerce. It gives you 3 different types of pagination.

Types of Pagination

Infinite Scroll – This will automatically load new posts.

Load More Button – It loads the new posts in a single-click.

Pagination – It is used for normal pagination but loads the next page with Ajax.


  • In infinite scroll, you will get an option to amend the buffer in pixels before the next set of posts load.
  • In load more button, button text can be amended.
  • While using pagination the browser history is maintained. It allows your visitors to use the browser back and forward buttons as expected.


3. DMD Infinite Scroll

DMD Infinite Scroll is also an open source tool. It loads woocommerce items and can be used for other posts. It is compatible with other plugins that call javascript code. It can paginate up to 10 sets of posts in a single template. It also provides three types of pagination as

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Load more button
  • Pagination

So, proves to be a good Infinite Scroll Plugin (WordPress).


  • It provides infinite scroll, load more buttons or AJAX pagination for posts and products both.
  • It contains multiple sets of settings.
  • It has Infinite Scroll and loads more button for next page and previous pages.
  • You can set the number of pages to display.
  • It helps to scroll to the top of a page when products replace.
  • It provides Custom threshold for infinite scroll
  • It can load custom load image.
  • You can do the styling of next page button and previous page button easily.
  • It allows executing Custom JavaScript code before or after posts/products load.
  • It also has HTML5 PushState.


4. JetPack

JetPack is one of the popular Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugins. It handles many things like keep any WordPress site secure, increase traffic, and engage your readers. JetPack includes traffic and SEO tools, security services, content creation etc. It engages the readers by providing infinite scrolling for posts, e-mail subscriptions, customizable contact forms etc.


5. YITH Infinite Scrolling

YITH Infinite Scrolling is a good WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugin that loads the other content as you scroll down the page. It also supports mobile devices. It has many interesting features such as

Main features

  • It offers an amount of products, all showed at once.
  • It also provides simple and direct navigation even from a mobile device.
  • It exhibits transition effects too.


Which WordPress infinite scroll plugin you use?

Well, Infinite Scrolling is unmatchable as it provides great advantages like better exposure for content, a flawless browsing experience, ideal for touch interfaces and visually delightful. As you have a great choice available in case of WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins, where all work well. But Jetpack and Ajax load more are most popular among all. So, it merely depends upon your choice of right WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugin. The plugins will quickly implement infinite scrolling to your site to give a better user experience. Check out our free WordPress themes.

As the purpose to use the WordPress Infinite Scroll Plugins, is to get a fantastic website. Everybody will like to try the things to make it an eye-candy with an awesome viewer response. So try your hands on a commendable WordPress website builder software and website builder software i.e TemplateToaster. It is tried & tested to give you a great service with all advanced tools for theme generation.