Web Design trends tend to roam around every now and then. And their season of fame dies soon enough. But this article talks about such everlasting website design ideas that are creatively ample. And they even promise you improved conversions.


A website’s long run is dependent majorly on two aspects, UI and UX. These two fuels the business by bringing major traffic to the site. Several trends gain popularity every year, but only the exclusive ones remain. These design ideas hold intensity. They have the possibility to provide you with favorable results as likely promised. Their goal is to fulfill your user’s desires in every possible manner. This further leads to the fulfillment of your objectives as well. Such website design ideas have been compiled here at TemplateToaster website design software blog.


1. A “Vector Graphics” Treat to the Eyes

Vector Graphics play a key role in your website’s marketing journey. These are the illustrations pleasing to the eyes. Since “a picture can speak a thousand words”. Similarly, these visuals can fulfill your website’s motive along with the lesser amount of content. They can help you interact with readers on a one-to-one basis. Users are going to relate to the visuals personally. This is called visual marketing. You can use these vector images to create content that converts.

Incorporating more of these graphics instead of normal images is directly proportionate to your website’s conversion rate. There are several websites to get free vector designs, images, and icons which you can use as an asset to your business. Vector Graphics is one of the notable website design ideas that one must keep in mind.


2. Walk your way through “Navigation Menus”

A Navigation Menu is an essential element in the UI of a website. You don’t want any user to quit the site if all they witness is a cluster of links. So, what you need to do is, involve navigation menus. These can also be done in an interesting way so as to stimulate the user to explore your website. The type of UI also determines the type of navigation menu to use.


Hamburger Menu:

This menu is one of the most talked about. There have been several corporate sites which adopted this form. It gives your page a cleaner look. This form of menu adds a unique style and diversity to the sites using it.


Vertical Navigation Menu:

This is one of the most sought-after navigation menu these days. The majority of the navigation menu flows right through the top of the website. In this style, the menus are displayed vertically, aligned with the web page. But if you don’t want to hamper your content’s flow on the main page, then you can also hide the menu with ease. It seems to be fixed that vertical navigation menus are to be included on the left side. This is best suitable for the sites that require extra screen space.

The navigation menus are getting modernized and improving the traffic on a website. There are different types of modern navigation menus for websites that can serve your purpose. The designing of menu bars is a crucial part of web designing. Since it is going to determine the way user lingers on your website.


3. Breadcrumbs: Track and Trail

This menu can be called a “path-builder”. It leaves trails behind, on which we can track the way. It aims at maximum UI experience. This graphical element serves as a literal navigational aid. It’s intelligent designing and leaving the trails behind, helps the user in identifying the exact path. These menus are of three types, namely, location breadcrumbs, attribute breadcrumbs and path breadcrumbs. It depends upon your site as to which you want to pick. E-commerce websites have n number of products that are sequenced under a logical category. And there are several other categories also. For making the user’s search full of comfort and ease, this menu can be fruitful.


4. Video Backgrounds: A Snackable Idea

“Visuals express ideas in a snackable manner” (SOURCE)

Kim Garst, CEO of Boom Social rightly said; visual representation adds value to the user experience. And, it is the best way of putting your website’s main idea at front. This is one of those innovative design ideas that pay off. It acts as an eminent way that makes your website stand apart in a crowd of many. Engages the user in such a way that their interest gets developed. It brings forth and effectively displays your purpose to the users. There are video background plugins available for you to include in your site. These are cost effective tools that help in enhancing the user’s experience. Implementing this website design idea will definitely result in traffic.


5. Laziness Never Pays Off But Only If You Use “Lazy Load Effect”

Now, let’s be honest here, how many of you have abandoned a website just because you grew impatient of the wait?
If a site takes forever to load, it is surely gonna turn away a lot of your potential customers. Lazy loading is a technique which enhances the user experience. It gives them improved load speed. This web design idea helps you to fight off the user’s woes regarding the speed of the site. There are several plugins available to assist you to implement the lazy load effect.


6. Banners And Pop-ups

Banners and Popups had been considered a matter of severe annoyance for the users. So as to improve the user’s experience, they deserved evolution. Thus, Google laid down certain guidelines that were to be followed by websites before opting for any sort of Banners and Popups. This untimely element grew to become one of the most effective and engaging with the users. Their popping nature was replaced with emerging for the first few seconds on the initial page. This combat with the issue of bounce rate that used to arise post this evolution.

This is a process of generating customers and prospective leads. Since they catch more eyeballs than the regular content does. Opt-in forms have been the most renowned pop-up which helps in extracting higher email subscription rates. This evolution brought tremendous changes in the conversion ratesHence, this is one of the revolutionary website design ideas for you.


7. Create your Own World Of “Animations”

Let’s recall the last time you met a dull person and were repelled because it was boring. Contrary to that, imagine meeting a person who is lively and full-of-life, you’re obviously going to be captivated by their personality. Similarly, interfaces can be dull as well. The animation is essential to add a personality to the website and lure users. This, in fact, will drive users to become prospective leads. This is a characteristic trait that accords with the possible conversion rate on your site. This particular website design idea never aimed at boastful representation, instead, it was to target subtlety.

Animations have the power to connect personally with the user and hence, emotionally too. It can stir the user’s brain and also excite them, by involving quirky or brainy animations. And, last but not the least, animation ideas hold the power of conversions too.


Bonus – “Cinemagraphs”: The Illusions, perhaps!

Motion tempts the human eye as well as the brain. Cinemagraphs are neither photos nor videos. These are still photographs having a movement that occurs repetitively. This results in a video clip. They are saved as either gif. or in any other video formats. They trigger the mind and fool users into spending longer time on the site. This is one of the pioneer website design ideas to grab the attention of the users. And, from the designer’s point of view, it also saves bandwidth. It has the capacity to convert a dull site into a top-notch one, provided that you keep in mind a few things. That is, keeping it subtle and make sure that it is on a loop. This will result in a better UX and higher conversion rates.


Final Thoughts

These website design trends are highly innovative and progressive in nature. These can improve your website’s traffic substantially. They don’t directly impact your SERPs rankings, but they will decrease the bounce rate. As in, with a better UI & UX, people will stop leaving your site and start getting interested in it. Your website’s message will be delivered to them. Google will eventually start picking your website. This increases your SERP rank indirectly.

As a developer, you must be looking for these innovative website design ideas to increase your conversion rate. After checking these out, there comes a motivation to work on your website and make it a better platform for your audience. TemplateToaster can be your fundamental website maker to incorporate these creative website design ideas. Since the growth of your website will lead you to the growth of your business.

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