How to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress without getting involved in long complex procedures. If you are also looking for easy and quick ways to do so, you certainly have come to the right place. Recently, in a conversation with my clients, I got to know that many people struggle while migrating from Tumblr to WordPress. So, in this guide, I will show you how to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress without losing your content step-by-step. Let’s dive in!

When you create a website it gives you full control and freedom to post anything on your website. That too of any length. But there are several online blogging platforms for bloggers. These platforms allow you to create a blog without getting involved in any technical jargon. You can employ ways to find and engage your target audience with content. However, when you are working on one such platform, you don’t have to worry about the updates and installations. Whereas, if you are using any content management system and have your own website, then you would need to maintain them all by yourself.

But if you are working on WordPress, many problems come to an end immediately. WordPress is an incredibly simple and extremely powerful content management system. Everything in WordPress right from how to install WordPress, how to install WordPress theme, how to install a WordPress plugin, to managing your entire website or blog is a cakewalk. That is the reason why bloggers are moving to this platform. Simplicity and versatility are two main and strong pillars of WordPress. So, let’s learn how you can easily migrate from Tumblr to WordPress.

Prerequisites Before You Migrate From Tumblr to WordPress

Being present on Tumblr allows you to share your insights with audiences without worrying about anything. Tumblr is a completely online platform that sets you free from the burden of updating your website, maintaining it, and related stuff like that. Tumblr comes with the ease of just creating an account and getting started. Yes, it’s that simple with Tumblr. Whatever is in your mind you can share it in seconds.

But if you are still willing to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress, then there are certain things that you need to do before you make a move because when you are blogging, you need to be very careful so that you don’t miss anything. Perhaps, you should be aware of blogging mistakes that can ruin your blog so you don’t lose your user base by making errors that can be easily avoided.

Likewise, when you have planned to migrate to WordPress, make sure you are prepared for it. A WordPress website where you wish to migrate to should be hosted well. Of course, a website would need a hosting server to host your website. There are many paid and free best WordPress hosting providers available in the market. You can choose whichever you find the best suitable for your business. However, you can go for the Bluehost web host provider. It comes with amazing plans to offer. There are various plans with different features and functionalities that are suitable for different needs. So, pick your own and make sure before you migrate you have a WordPress website.

Migrate From Tumblr to WordPress: Step-by-Step Guide

There are multiple steps involved in migrating from Tumblr to WordPress. You need to be all focused while performing them. If you miss any step, you might end up abrupting the migration. However, the steps are easy to execute and you can achieve the desired result if you follow them with complete precision. Following are the steps to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress.

Step 1: Install WordPress Tumblr Tool

Go to Tools → Import. You will see a list of available tools right here. Look for the Tumblr tool and click on the ‘Install Now’ button.

migration from tumblr to wordpress

Once it is installed successfully. The link under Tumblr will change to the ‘Run Importer’ link. By clicking on the link, it will take you to the next window.

moving from tumblr to WordPress settings

Step 2: Configure the Export From Tumblr

Now, you need to connect the tool to Tumblr. However, for this, you are required to create an ‘app’ on Tumblr because you need OAuth Consumer Key as well as Secret Key.

You can quickly go to the Make sure you are logged in to your Tumblr account before you hit this link. Now, you will see the following screen.

Configure the Export From Tumblr

Here, you are required to click on the ‘Register Application’ button. Once you do so, it will take you to another page.


Step 3: Place Your Keys

Now, you have to enter an Application Name, Website, and the Default Callback URL. You need to enter the details. The rest of the fields can be left blank. If everything goes well, then you will see the next screen.

Here is the essential information that you are required to fill.

Application Name – This is for your personal reference only. You can have anything here that you wish to have.

Application Website – Here enter the URL of the WordPress website.

Administrative Contact Email – Use the same email address that you have used to log in for your Tumblr account.

Application Description – This information will serve you only. Therefore, you can add whatever makes you understand things.

Default Callback URL – Enter the URL of the WordPress website one more time here.

After entering the details, scroll down to the bottom and confirm your choice.

Make sure you are following the instructions thoroughly. Now, input the keys to connect Tumblr to WordPress plugin to import your content. For that, you will have to go back to the WordPress dashboard and input your keys.

Import Tumlr

Now, click on the ‘Connect to Tumblr’ button. In the very next window, you need to allow the application to access the data. Just allow the tool to connect.


You will now see a page that contains the blog’s information. Simply click on the ‘Import this blog’ button and let it do its thing.

WordPress will handle everything automatically as soon as you have successfully migrated from Tumblr to WordPress with all your valuable content. However, in order to access the data, you need to visit your WordPress dashboard. Don’t forget to manage your tags to drive more traffic to your website.

Tumblr and WordPress both have different text formatting. Therefore, when you migrate from Tumblr to WordPress and all your content is now present on the WordPress website, make sure to check the formatting once. All your content present on Tumblr may appear a little differently on WordPress. Just go through the content once, if you find anything different, you can adjust them accordingly.

Congratulations! You have successfully migrated from Tumblr to WordPress.

Employ Redirections to Redirects Tumblr URLs

After migrating your Tumblr content to WordPress, there are certain things that you should manage so that you don’t lose anything important. If you have a huge fan following on your Tumblr blog, then you surely would not want to lose that user base in any case. However, in order to retain loyal and authentic readers, it is advisable to provide them a systematic way to access your new address.

You need to follow two steps being present on your WordPress dashboard as well as on your Tumblr dashboard. So, let’s first start with your WordPress dashboard first and see what changes you would need to make.

Configure Redirections in WordPress

Well, to set up redirections in WordPress, you have to install a WordPress plugin named Redirection. Install and activate the plugin. Now navigate to Tools → Redirection. You shall now see another page.

Look for the ‘Add new redirection’ area. Upon finding it, in the given ‘Source URL’ field enter .*/post/\d+/(.*)

In the ‘Target URL’ field enter /$1

And in the ‘Match’ field tick the Regular expression box.

Once you have clearly entered the above-mentioned details, hit the ‘Add Redirection’ button to confirm your entries.

Now you have added the redirection rule. However, in order to use this redirection rule, you need to set your permalinks as the post name.

Head to Settings → Permalinks. On this page, select the ‘Post Name’ and hit the ‘Save Changes’ button.

That’s it on your WordPress dashboard. Now you must go to Tumblr to make changes there.

Configure Redirection in Tumblr

In order to set up redirection in Tumblr, you will have to log in to your Tumblr account first. Visit your Tumblr blog. There is an option namely ‘Edit Appearance’ at the right side upper corner. Visit that link and you will be on another page. Here click on the ‘Edit Theme’ option. After being present on this page, click on the ‘Edit HTML’ link.

Now, you will be seeing the next screen where you are required to paste the following piece of code in the <head> tag.

<meta name=”description” content=”this is a legacy blog page, and will redirect to the same post on my new blog”>

<script type=’text/javascript’>

var new_slug = window.location.pathname;

var new_root = “”;

var new_url = new_root + new_slug;

document.write(“<link rel=\”canonical\” href=\”” + new_url + “\”>”);


And in the <body> tag, paste the following code.

<script type=’text/javascript’>

window.location = new_url;


With this, you have successfully migrated from Tumblr to WordPress. From now on, anyone trying to visit your Tumblr blog will be automatically redirected to your WordPress website. So, now you are free to announce your WordPress presence. However, you can customize your WordPress dashboard and give your own feel. You can check complete guide on redirection of HTTP to HTTPS, fix Err_too_many_redirects error on your WordPress site. Check out WordPress redirect plugins.

Happy Tumblr to WordPress Migration!

How to Migrate From Tumblr to WordPress – In Conclusion

So, this is it! Now you know how to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress without losing your content. However, if you will follow all the aforementioned steps the way they are described and in the same order, then there should be no problem in migrating. Migrating to WordPress especially from Tumblr is comparatively easier than any other platform. Because people do migrate from Blogger to WordPress, Joomla to WordPress, etc. And the basic reason behind this is the flexibility to use the WordPress content management system.

There are multiple reasons and benefits of using a content management system. Especially when you are using WordPress, it gets really simple to monetize WordPress blog, control spam on your WordPress blog, optimize your content, update WordPress, schedule posts in WordPress, etc. Moreover, you can quickly delete a post in WordPress, if you find it useless anytime. And the privilege to create a private post in WordPress that allows you to share information with your logged-in customers only. The benefits are countless and you will never be out of it. So, when are you planning to migrate to WordPress? If you have any doubt or questions do let me know in the comments below. Stay Safe!