Do you want to boost the website traffic and search ranking? Looking for some engaging content to attract a large audience? Are these things bother you a lot… Then go for an easy solution- Infographic Software!!

An Infographic is a method to represent data, information, statistics visually. As we are living in an age of ‘big data’, infographics serves as a great communication medium to display the complex data clearly and quickly. It increases the brand awareness. Infographic drives the traffic when people click and share as it’s compelling by nature. But the main challenge is to create an infographic. An Infographic software, that can design beautiful & stunning designs for you, can solve this problem tactically.


Best Free Online Infographic Software

Infographic Software is a set of tools to create an infographic from the pre-designed templates generally. The user just has to put the relevant content and it gets ready in few minutes. You have some infographic tools at your exposure. Out of these, some infographic software/services work really well and are free to use too. This article will let you know about best free infographic tools.


Best Free Infographic Software Comparison Chart

Software/Features Number of free templates Videos Animations Downloading Sharing on Social Media
Canva 100+ No No Yes (.jpg,.png,.pdf) Yes
Piktochart 35 Yes No Yes (.png) Yes 1000+ Yes No Yes No (can’t share directly)
Visme 45+ Yes Yes Yes (.jpg) Yes
Venngage 50+ No No No No 11 Yes No No Yes 20+ Yes Yes No Yes

List of Best Free Online Infographic Tools

1. Canva

Infographic Software

Canva is one of the most convenient online infographic software available in the market. Because of the wide range of free templates and enormous features to customize an infographic. It facilitates a huge gallery of photos, grids, frames free. It avails the user to widen their horizon by providing exciting features. A user can download infographic in almost all the common formats for free. It’s so easy to use Canva as it has very nice Graphical User Interface/Editor. It serves as a simple and effective medium for creating and editing existing images from your own library. You can also share, link or embed your designs easily with this.

Some of its main features are

  • Templates- category-wise (Business, Charity, Education etc).
  • Hundreds of free templates.
  • Easy to use editor.
  • The editor has many options like layouts, Text, Elements (Charts, Maps, Grids), background, toolbar.
  • Downloadable infographics in .jpg, .png, .pdf format.
  • The only basic version is free.


2. Piktochart

Infographic Software

Piktochart is a web-based infographic software. It allows the user to easily create infographics like a Pro. It has a nice editor that offers many tools like Background, Text, Inbuilt color schemes, Graphics (Shapes and Icons, Photos, Lines, Photo Frames), tools etc. It can easily add/delete new content blocks. You can also embed videos in Piktochart along with Charts & maps. You can preview your design before actual downloading or sharing. It offers a great support as has a number of video tutorials to guide users. Though it has exciting features but provides a limited set of free templates.

It’s main features are

  • A wide range of Template categories.
  • 35 free templates.
  • The editor has many options like Add Text, Icons, Charts, Maps, pictures, videos (Vimeo, YouTube), background, toolbar.
  • Downloadable infographics in .png format.
  • Free start-up is available.



Infographic Software is a simple infographic software with 6 major commands- templates, objects, backgrounds, shapes, text, and upload. It offers thousands of free infographic templates. Even you can embed the YouTube videos or other images through ‘media’ option. It is also good for educators and students. It doesn’t provide much design options but you can download the low-quality infographics.

  • Thousands of free templates.
  • Easy to use editor.
  • The editor has many easy to use options like layouts, text, shapes, graphs, background, toolbar.
  • The download is available only for low-quality infographics.
  • Sign up is free.


4. Visme

Infographic Software

Visme is comparatively new infographic software in the market. It advocates the easy 3-step approach to design an infographic.

Choose a Template → Edit and populate → Publish or download

It can convert your design into an interactive infographic with inbuilt animations. You can also add the different positions for an element such as forward, backward, front etc. You can easily link an element along with all other common features. It avails many elements to add under ‘objects’ option. Many free templates are available with a wide variety of categories. While the text Toolbar is also available to edit text. But it limits the number of projects i.e 3.

Its main features are as following

  • Templates- category-wise (Business, Resume, Health & medical, Hierarchical etc).
  • 45+ free templates.
  • Easy to use editor having options like layouts, Text, Elements (Charts, Maps, Grids), background, toolbar.
  • Interesting advanced options for Effects, Animate, Arrangement of elements.
  • Downloadable infographics in .jpg format only.
  • Sharing on social media is also possible.
  • Free Sign Up is available.


5. Venngage

Infographic Software

Venngage is a systematic Infographic software that categorizes all the templates into 3 level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. It organized all the templates under eight common categories like Informational, Statistical, Process, Geographic etc. It has a supportive editor that guides you through all the designing process. You can add widgets like Charts, Maps, Graphs etc. Then you edit the existing elements of a template. It consists of all the possible options for creating an infographic like Text, Icons, Pictograms, Background, Content Toolbar etc. It provides a huge pictogram gallery that covers almost all the possible categories. Such as animals, business, tools, travel, technology, shopping, security, science etc. It has a major drawback that you can’t even share or download the infographic you designed. It even limits the number of templates used per day.

Some of its features are

  • 50+ free templates.
  • The editor has many options like Text, Charts, Maps, Icons, Pictograms, background, toolbar.
  • Huge Icon and Pictogram gallery.
  • Can’t download or share if signed up for free.


6. Infogram

Infographic Software

Infogram is an online infographic software that emphasizes on data collection and charting. It only facilitates the graphical templates. This tool is perfect for those marketers who mainly rely on numbers and diagrams. It has a user-friendly editor that well-organizes the data. It is quick & clear. The major downfall is that you can’t download as a free member but can share it on social media.

  • 11 free templates.
  • Only graphical templates are available.
  • The editor has options like add maps, graphs, charts, media etc.
  • No downloading only sharing in free sign-up.



Infographic Software is an easy-to-use infographic software. It requires no technical skills to create an infographic. It has a great advantage for users as it works on the cloud. So you can access your data from any remote location online. The infographics created by can be shared in social media. Registration is also free and easy. But the drawback is that you can’t download infographic if you have registered free.

  • 20+ free templates.
  • Easy to use editor.
  • Can add video, chart, maps, shapes, images in the editor.
  • Animation effects are also available.
  • No downloading, only sharing on social media is available.


This was all about Infographic software. When it comes to importing your own images to an infographic tool, you can get awesome images from Freepik. It’s a commendable source of awesome pictures and icons.



A beautifully-crafted infographic can easily shoot your website audience. As because of its attractiveness, infographics easily go viral. An infographic software makes your task easier and when it’s free, it is always awesome for a user. So, an infographic software is popular among designers and marketers.

Infographics are great for your content marketing. You can share these easily on your social channels, blogs, for email marketing purposes and more. And if you want to design a new website or thinking to redesign an existing website, try your hand on our web design software, TemplateToaster.