Finding the best Joomla shopping cart extension can be overwhelming. Especially, when e-commerce is on the rise and according to facts, the eCommerce industry is growing by 23% every year. Amazon is known to have the highest share in the eCommerce market followed by competitors like eBay, Walmart, Etsy and others. By all means, the reason why most people prefer online shopping is that they can shop day and night. And, also because they get a lot more options or categories of products on a single platform. Consequently, it is estimated that by the end of 2040, more than 95% of the purchases will be made online.

In particular, these days most people do not have enough time and that’s why they prefer online shopping rather than going to an offline store. Thus, there is no doubt that people just love shopping online. Consequently, there are hundreds of eCommerce platforms and Content Management Platforms, for online merchants to choose from. Joomla is one of the best option among them. Likewise, there are many Joomla shopping cart extensions and stunning templates for all kinds of businesses. Typically, you must also know how to install Joomla, and how to change Joomla template.

Are you planning to open an online business? Well, in this post I will discuss in detail the best Joomla shopping cart extensions in 2023 so that you can make the right choice. Also learn to create professional Joomla templates on your own using Joomla website creator.

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What About the Joomla Shopping Cart Extension?

Joomla is a free open-source CMS platform that helps you with building a website of your choice. Since Joomla is open-source CMS there are more than 7,000 extensions that you can use from the Joomla Extensions Directory to create an online website. Similarly, many extensions can be used to create an eCommerce store. You can also follow different SEO hacks for Joomla and boost traffic to your eCommerce site.  Notably, use these must-have Joomla extensions to boost up your website. 

Joomla eCommerce extensions offer a wide variety of features to help you with the online business. These functions include checkout process, payment and returns, product display, invoice, sales and order status, product and management of sales and many more. Having a shopping cart extension in your online store is essential.

Top 6 Joomla Cart Extensions For Your Online Business

Our List:

1. VirtueMart
2. Hikashop
3. Eshop
4. Phoca Cart
5. JoomShopping
6. Sellacious

1. VirtueMart (The Best Joomla Cart Extension)

Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions

VirtueMart is one of the best Joomla cart extensions so far – packed with some of the most amazing features, customization and free of cost. Likewise, for Joomla online store using VirtueMart, you need to download and install Joomla. The eCommerce extension is not available as a standalone solution.

The VirtueMart extension can be used in two ways – one as a Catalogue and then secondly as a shopping cart.

  • The Shopping Cart – It allows you to run a complete online store that is – product catalogue, shopping cart, complete checkout and payment processing, and more.
  • The Catalogue – It allows you to display the products (the customers cannot make direct payments from the catalogue).

Main Highlights:

Particularly, the VirtueMart Joomla Extension is designed with a full feature, easy to use shopping cart extension that can be used by professionals as well as beginners. Here are some of the main features that make it one of the best shopping cart extensions on Joomla.

Product Management

The VirtueMart extension allows you to manage the products cleanly. Along with catalogue features like simple product editing, listing and categorizing, you can also build custom fields with which can easily share important details with the customers. Also, you can edit taxes, calculate taxes, VAT calculation based on the location and much more.

Product Review

According to research, nearly 91% trust online reviews and 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. Significantly, VirtueMart makes it easy for you to integrate reviews and ratings so that people can easily review and rate a product.

Searching a Product

VirtueMart typically makes it easiest for your customers to search for products that they are searching for. Besides you can also list a product and make it available to your customers however you like. You can use VirtueMart to list and categorize as many products as you want. Moreover, you can also create parent products and then it’s child products to make things easier.

Manage the Inventory

You get to manage the products and the inventory extremely. You can easily keep a track of the products that are out of stock, the products that are sold, the items that have not been received and much more.

Orders and Shoppers

With backend features like the ability to manage coupons and discounts, manage orders and shopping. Moreover, you can also use the shopper management tool to differentiate the customers, and also create records for particular lists of shoppers.

Status of the Orders

With VirtueMart Joomla shopping cart extension you get to keep the customers updated with the status of the order. Here are 6 default order statuses that you can find in VirtueMart -Pending, Confirmed by the customer, confirmed, cancelled, refunded, shipped.

Customizable Cart and Checkout Process

The cart and checkout process is completely customizable. Moreover, rather than the complete checkout process, you can also integrate guest checkout features or a one-click checkout process. Besides, SSL security makes sure that your customers’ details are kept undisclosed and secure from cyber thefts.

Besides, these highlighting features there are an advanced set of features you get to use with VirtueMart:

Main Features:

  • Easy maintenance of all Joomla products
  • Easy to use and customizable
  • Different kinds of VirtueMart templates (Besides you can also create VirtueMart templates with Template Toaster which is a Virtuemart Website Builder).
  • In-built SEO features that allow you to create metadata, add microdata and rich snippets
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Payzen, System Pay, Eway, Cash on Delivery and more
  • Automatic update of the currency
  • 24*7 customers support


  • For Free

2. Hikashop – Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extension

Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions

Hikashop is again one of the most popular Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions out there. It is a powerful extension that allows managing the content on an online store. Likewise, the extension is best known for its exclusive in-built features and flexibility. However, if you want to make the best use of the Joomla cart extension then having a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must (for best results).

Main Highlights:

Here I have discussed some of the main highlights of the best Joomla Cart Extension in detail:

Powerful In-Built Statistics

With the Hikashop shopping cart extension, you can create reports based on the shopping data. Especially, measurable statistical data like graphs, charts and tables you can easily measure important figures and data like sales for each month, best product for the month, sales data for 10 days and more.

Multiple Data

You can authorize different vendors to sell products in your store. The vendors will pay you a certain amount of money and you can manage their sales.

Different Layouts

With Hikashop you can customize the layout of your shop just the way you like and something that will suit best for your store. Products and categories can be mentioned in different layouts. Therefore, you do not need to download third-party extensions.

Other than the main features mentioned above, here are some key features that are worth mentioning:

Main Features:

  • Easy Configuration with chock-full features
  • Well-Planned marketing tools such as affiliate program support, the order invoice, history and edition
  • Multiple language support (more than 30 languages)
  • The highly customizable checkout process
  • Optimize your Hikashop with SEO features like creating metadata, microdata, canonical URLs and more.
  • Different payment gateway options (Paypal, credit cards,, and others).
  • International sales


Starter Pack: For Free

Essential Plan: €45.95

Business Plan: €99.90

3. Eshop – Is it the Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extension?

Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extension

Eshop is a powerful and flexible Joomla shopping cart extension that is based on the standard MVC structure for Joomla. The extension is known for some of the most amazing set of features, responsiveness and easily customizable solution for Joomla eCommerce. 

Another key point that makes Eshop one of the best Joomla shopping cart extensions is that it is very easy to use, all you need to do is simply add products, create different categories, product pages by using the extension and you are good to go. Moreover, the highly responsive nature of the extension is again a highlighting point.

Main Highlights:

Here I have mentioned some highlighting features that make Eshop worth mentioning in the best Joomla shopping cart list:

Product Wishlist

The customers can easily add products to their wish list once they view them on your store. They can also add products to the cart and checkout later.

Auto Update the Stock

The product stock will automatically update when there is an order. Therefore, you will get an update from the store when a particular product is in low stock so you can restock it soon.

Besides the aforementioned features there are more set of features that you get with Eshop:

Main Features:

  • Ability to add unlimited categories, product list, manufacturers and inventory management
  • SEO Management and Security Features
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • User-friendly and responsive design layout
  • Multiple beautiful templates and themes
  • One page checkout
  • 60+ free payment methods
  • More than 10 shipping methods
  • Intelligent SEF URLs


Eshop is available for $39.99.

4. Phoca Cart -Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extension Review

Joomla Shopping Cart Extension Phoca Cart

Phoca Cart is a Joomla shopping cart extension that is easy to use and is developed by using the modern responsive bootstrap library or Flexbox CSS. To put it in another way, it means that Phoca Cart supports responsive designs and the shopping cart will be able to display on all kinds of devices like desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets and others. Unlike most of the other eCommerce solutions Phoca Cart is fairly easy to use and the best bet for beginners or someone who is not tech-savvy.

With Phoca Cart, you can create categories, layouts, add items and customize as the requirements of the online store.

Main Highlights:

Stunning Product Cart Module

With Phoca Cart, you get the ability to include the right panel position section, where you can add different modules – like the product cart. Besides, you can also add expandable animation to the module to make it look more appealing.

Panel for Product Search Module

You get a beautiful search panel position section where product search modules can be added. Again, it comes with expandable animation.

Product Zoom and Image Lightbox

By default, Phoca Cart comes with its image zoom plugin, so you need to install it as a plugin also. Moreover, Phoca Cart also has a default image lightbox.

Other than the features mentioned above Phoca Cart has more to it, here I have mentioned them below.

Main Features:

  • Unlimited Products
  • Highly Responsive Designs
  • Unlimited categories, manufacturers, order statuses, stock statuses
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages
  • PDF invoice, delivery note and receipt
  • Payments methods ( that are expandable by plugins)
  • Powerful statistics
  • Multiple payment methods like Paypal, Stripe Payment, easy payments and more


  • For Free

5. JoomShopping -Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extension

Joom Shopping

JoomShopping is a well-known Joomla shopping cart extension that comes with an amazing set of in-built functions. There are so many functions that you can use to make your online shop more efficient and user-friendly.

JoomShopping is one of the best Joomla cart extensions for online businesses that want to improve the ranking or visibility on the search engine. Notably, JoomShopping is written in source code that is highly scalable, secure, stable and features that are easy to add.

Main Highlights:

Unlimited Products and Categories

You can sell as many products as you want. Besides, one category can have multiple products.

Order History

The customers can easily track their order history.

Easy Checkout

Customers can proceed to checkout in just one simple step rather than needing to register with the site. All they need to do is, click on the link and they will be directed to proceed with the checkout by mentioning additional details like payment methods, address, shipping methods.

Main Features:

  • Product ratings and testimonials
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Multiple payment methods like Paypal, Lastschrift. Vorauskasse and more. Moreover, you can also add new payment methods.
  • Different templates for product and a different one for categories
  • Tax management
  • Delivery management


  • For Free

6. Sellacious – Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extension


Sellacious is a robust and responsive Joomla shopping cart extension that allows you to build an online store just the way you like. With 204,593+ downloads the shopping cart extension is worth mentioning in our list. The extension is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The single and multi-layer vendor store offers an amazing set of features enterprise-level management for vendors and staff.

This Joomla shopping cart extension is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. Besides, Sellacious comes with a powerful set of features that are designed to help you build modern online stores. You do not have to be a coder or a tech-savvy person to build your online store with Sellacious.

Main Highlights:

Various Product Options

With Sellacious you can list variants of each product, manage different kinds of products, and of course, the listing is very easy. Additionally, you can have a list of variants based on colours, size, and so many other attributes that can help with filtering.

Multiple Product Type

With Sellacious you can enjoy listening not just to physical products but also to list digital products and various packages. Now, selling different kinds of products is fairly easy.

Unlimited Categories and Products

You get to add as many products and categories as you need. Sellacious enables you to operate your store with ease.

Easy and Modern Storefronts

Sellacious comes with powerful features that help you build storefronts that are easy to easy, feature-oriented, and beautiful looking.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use, clean and responsive administrator panel
  • Manage listings, commission/fee for the sellers
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiple level shop rules
  • Detailed rule filter that allows to segregate tax, shipping results, discounts, date and more. Additionally, more than 500 combinations to choose from
  • Multi-Vendor architecture that makes on-boarding and management easy
  • Compare two or more products and choose the best one
  • B2B features


  • Available for free for a limited version. Paid plans start from $29 and go up in the case of premium plans.

Conclusion – Who Wins in the Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions?

By all means, Joomla is a great option if you are working with a CMS platform and it won’t cost you a fortune, unlike other platforms like Shopify. As we know, Joomla is an open-source platform to build a website, and there is so much more you can do with it and let’s not forget about the customization and flexibility it offers to the users.

As well, Joomla eCommerce comes with tons of extensions that makes running an online store a cakewalk. If you are new and do not know where and how to start, you can surely pick one of these 6 Joomla shopping cart extensions.

According to my experience, these are the top 6 Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions of 2022. However, if I have to mention my favorite, it has to be VirtueMart as it one of the oldest Joomla extensions, is available for free, and features that I have already mentioned in this post. By the same token, make sure to choose the Joomla extension that suits your budget and needs. Also make sure to find the best Joomla frameworks that fits your need to create best Joomla template and create your own website. Moreover, choosing the right Joomla extension can also generate traffic to your website and add unique and attractive visual designs.

In contrast, if you find other extensions that are better than our top 5 in the list just inform us. Do not forget to mention which Joomla extension you are building for your eCommerce platform in comments.