If you’re reading this post, chances are you are new or beginner to blogging or you are confused about the available blogging sites to create blog and can’t figure out which blog sites to choose to start a blog. On what basis you decide which platform is right for you. .

There are still some people who have heard the term Blogging a hundred times but still don’t have a clear idea about what is a blog or blogger? Whether you are planning to start a blog or a traditional website, there are a lot of things that you need to understand to achieve your goals. Here at the TemplateToaster Blogger Template creator blog, this detailed guide provides you an out-and-out breakdown of the topic

In this tutorial, I’ll explain what is a blog site and what are available blogging platforms list to create a blog site for writers. Let’s explore this blogging world together and get to the bottom of the blog first.

What is a Blog?

A Blog (an abbreviated version of Weblog) is an online journal or a website displaying information in a chronogrammatic manner. Generally, a blog contains text, images, videos, animation. You can use a blog website to share your personal experience with others or you can simply keep it personal without public access. It totally depends on you whether you want to set your blog public or private. There are settings for that.A blogging platform is a software or service that makes your blogging hassle-free. Simply put, a platform that allows you to create and publish your content online easily. There are different platforms available to create blog sites, and thus, opting for the most appropriate one can be a little tough. But here I have listed the best blogging sites for writers that you can consider for your blog site.

Why we need Blog sites?

Well, a blog is a well-written piece of information that is beautifully crafted to display your expertise on a topic. However, for any business, blogs have an important role to play. Irrespective of the size of your business, a blog is an essential part of digital marketing. The main purpose of a blog site is to boost engagement. Whereas, a traditional website is more focused on the product information or particular call to action.

Blog sites are more captivating as compared to conventional sites. Thus, the need for a blog site or a blog page on your regular site is way higher than you think. But make sure you don’t do these blogging mistakes which can ruin your blog easily.

I’m sure in this super busy world nobody would like to get involved in the tedious coding to create a successful and SEO friendly blog post right from scratch when you can simply use the blogging platforms to create one.

List of Best Blog Sites for Bloggers in 2019

  1. WordPress.org
  2. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Medium.com
  5. Ghost
  6. Typepad
  7. Joomla

Top Blog Sites Compared (2019)

top Blog Sites compared
Still confused? The following thorough explanation will help you choose the best option to get started on the right foot.

Blog Sites for Bloggers (Review)

1. WordPress.org – best Blog site for writers

wordpress blog site

WordPress.org is a well-known blogging platform on the internet. WordPress powers more than 33% of the internet. It is an open-source that lets you create a blog site in no time. However, people do get confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com platforms. Both these platforms have a large community of users who can help you get started with any one of them. And having a powerful WordPress website builder can help you establish a stunning feature-rich website in no time.It is easy for beginners to understand what is WordPress and how useful it is for them.


  • WordPress is really flexible that gives you full control over your blog site.
  • It is totally free to use.
  • Monetize WordPress blog the way you want.
  • More than 54K free plugins to let you add almost any functionality to your WordPress site.
  • The large community support.
  • Thousands of free WordPress themes available.
  • WordPress is a search engine friendly platform coupled with numerous factors which if managed carefully can help you design the best SEO WordPress theme for your project.


  • WordPress.org is a self-hosted solution, therefore, you will have to look for WordPress hosting providers yourself.
  • Security can be a matter of concern.

2. Blogger

review blogger

Blogger is one of the oldest blog platform. You need to have a Google account to sign up for Blogger. It is really simple to create engaging content. However, people still compare Blogger Vs WordPress to be sure about their choice. Blogger is considered as a simple blogging platform for beginners because of its user-friendly interface with various impressive features. It comes with a free domain and hosting. Blogger provides various themes to beautify your blog. However, you can create a Blogger template from scratch with the help of a strong Blogger template maker available.

Pros of Blogger

  • Blogger is an easy to use.
  • It is free to use and has hundreds of free Blogger templates.
  • Google AdSense automatically shows relevant ads on your blog, therefore, you can earn some extra money while showing your original content.
  • Beginner-friendly platform.
  • You can get a highly mobile-friendly website trouble-free.
  • Smooth integration with other Google services like Google Drive etc.
  • Blogger is coupled with anti-comment spam and tracking features.

Cons of Blogger

  • Blogger is a Google service, so, Blogger login requires you to have a Google account only.
  • Limited themes availability.

3. Tumblr – blog site

tumblr blog site

Tumblr is another gem in the list of best blog platforms. It is a great microblogging platform, designed specifically for those who love to publish animations, GIFs, videos, micro-blogs, images, quotes, etc. It comes with various built-in tools to help you figure out the true functionality. Tumblr offers you subdomain and free hosting. Furthermore, you will get options to build amazing blog sites the way you want.

Pros of Tumblr blog site

  • It’s pretty simple to start a blog with Tumblr.
  • It’s a free blog site platform.
  • Tumblr comes with integrated social media components.
  • Hosting and subdomain inclusive.
  • It has several options to share and re-blog content.

Cons of Tumblr blog site

  • It doesn’t offer any extension or plugin.
  • Themes available with Tumblr have limited features.
  • Migration from Tumblr to any other platform is quite difficult to achieve.

4. Medium.com – popular blogging site for writers

medium blog site

Medium.com is an online publishing platform launched in August 2012. It is more like social journalism, having a collaboration of publications from rookie to pro. Medium is the brainchild of Twitter’s co-founder to express your view in more than 140 characters. It gives you a space to share your insights and wisdom with a huge audience.


  • Medium is a platform where you can meet other bloggers with the same interests as you.
  • Medium has amazing typography settings.
  • The reporting feature of Medium helps you understand the reader’s approach to your content.
  • It provides you the facility to embed third-party content or videos from platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • It doesn’t require coding knowledge to get started.


  • Limited control over your content.
  • Constrained features as compared to other platforms.
  • You just simply can’t transfer from Medium to any other platforms.

5. Ghost.org

ghost blog site

The Ghost.org is an easy to use open-source publishing platform. It is a simple blogging platform. Even simpler than WordPress when it comes to blogging. Ghost.org has a simple and clean user interface that gets you through easily.


  • The modern interface keeps things manageable.
  • Since it’s written in JavaScript, so, it is blazing fast.
  • You can publish in multiple languages.
  • You can schedule posts to be published in the future dates.
  • Complete data ownership.
  • It comes with built-in SEO that gives you a 100% SEO-friendly blog post.


  • A little difficult to customize.
  • Complex to configure.
  • Limited accessible themes.

6. Typepad

typepad blog site

Typepad is a comprehensive blogging platform with a beginner-friendly interface. It offers a 14-days free trial to explore the functionality before you subscribe to it. It also offers its own affiliate plan.


  • It comes with thousands of template options to choose from.
  • It is easy to integrate with Google Analytics.
  • Built-in tools for search engine optimization.
  • Tools for easy social interaction.


  • It is not a free platform, though it offers a 14-days trial.
  • Being a hosted platform, it limits the customizations.
  • Security is an issue with Typepad.

7. Joomla

joomla blog site

Joomla is somewhat similar to WordPress.org in terms of extendability. They both are open-source platforms. However, before making your mind up, you can have a thorough comparison between WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal. Yes! Drupal is another close comparison of Joomla so, give it a look. It is really simple even for beginners to understand what is Joomla and how useful it is for them.


  • Joomla is an open-source blogging platform.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Joomla has detailed documentation to refer to.
  • You can use free Joomla templates as per your needs.
  • Migration from Joomla to WordPress is easier.


  • Support can be a bit expensive for some.
  • Joomla does require a basic knowledge of used technology.
  • Security, Joomla backup, and updates seek your attention.

So,Which blog sites or blogging platforms you would choose to create your Blog Site

While there are several free and paid alternatives available on the web. But, determining the best blogging platform is quite a tough task since each has its own set of features to boost your blogging experience. normally, people feel stressed when they are asked ‘What are the best Blog Sites you know?’ if you are also not sure which would be substantial take for your project, I would suggest going with any platform mentioned above.

I have covered all possible grounds in this comparison tutorial and I believe this has been helpful for those who have been looking for the best blog sites. No matter what business you’re doing, having an online presence is always worthwhile. However, a website be it a blog or a full-fledged website needs to have a great theme to display your services or offerings.

Whatever open source CMS you choose like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, it’s important here to choose a proficient tool like TemplateToaster, a offline website builder software compatible with all major CMSes to design stunning themes for your blog site. So, it’s all about the list of the best blog sites! So, what’s your take? Did you pick any of the blog sites described here? Please share in the comments below.

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